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World Nivel B2

The last 24 hours in the environment of the Chinese coronavirus and its expansion throughout the world

The health authorities have redoubled in the last 24 hours their messages of rationality, calm and tranquility against the COVID-19 coronavirus, especially in European countries where, as in Spain, there are the first infections, while China, the focus of this international emergency , has reported to the world the possibility that two months after the beginning of the crisis has reached the “peak” of the epidemic.

In Spain, where nine cases have been confirmed – most of them due to contagion in Italy where there are 12 dead – it is recalled that the most effective measure to prevent infection is to wash your hands frequently and insist that “the masks are for health personnel”.

COVID-19 has caused more than ten deaths and more than 300 infected in northern Italy, especially in the region of Lombardy, there are two dead in France, and 18 infections in Germany and 13 in the United Kingdom, where also four British schools have decided to remain closed this week after a ski trip in Italy for students and teachers.

The Italian authorities insist that deaths occur in vulnerable groups, over 80 years of age, and ask the rest of the world for confidence so that they do not restrict visits after some countries have suspended air traffic.

The WHO is going behind the coronavirus

WHO, which continues to monitor the expansion, spread and transmission of the coronavirus outside of China, argues that, globally, it circulates in “very rational, small quantities, and the cases that occur have a mild to moderate symptomatology.”

But he insists that the virus is real and can appear tomorrow anywhere and that countries must inevitably prepare for it, said Bruce Aylward, head of a scientific mission sent by the World Health Organization to China, in Geneva.

“If you want to be ready, it is known that beds will be needed, that people will have to be isolated, quarantine close contacts, because we know that 10% of them will have the disease and at first they will not realize,” he said .

The coronavirus situation in China

For now, about thirty countries where the virus has been detected add up and although in China, the focus of the epidemic, the lowest number of daily infections has been reported since the beginning of the crisis – China has 2,715 deaths and 78,064 infections.

It has been determined that in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the epidemic originated, the death rate has so far been 2.4%, while outside that jurisdiction it is reduced to 0.7%.

Except in Iran, which adds, according to the Government, nineteen dead and, where also, one of those who has declared himself a carrier of the disease has been the Deputy Minister of Health, Iraj Harirchi. All the neighbors of Iran have closed their borders and every day new companies announce flight restrictions, as well as South Korea or even Japan.

Japan and the Philippines

In Japan, the Government has requested that the massive sporting or cultural events scheduled for these dates be postponed for two weeks, as part of measures to stop the coronavirus, amid new doubts about the Olympic Games. In line with these recommendations, Foodex Japan organizers canceled the food fair in mid-March.

To date, Japan has recorded 164 infections on the sidelines of the nearly 700 Diamond Princess cruise ship, moored in Yokohama, south of Tokyo.

The meetings of the Davis Cup qualifying phase that will face Japan and Ecuador between March 6 and 7 in the west of the Asian country will be played without a public as a measure to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

And, while in the Philippines, with 80 percent of Catholics, the Government today invites Ash Wednesday for citizens to pray at home and priests to give more masses to reduce agglomerations, Brazilian health authorities report that they have detected what that would be the first case of coronavirus in the country and Indonesia begins the repatriation of compatriots confined in the World Dream.

But Mardi Gras, the traditional American carnival in the city of New Orleans (Louisiana), did not alter its programming an apex due to the outbreak of coronavirus after the expansion of the virus in the United States was also considered inevitable.

On the other hand, it is also known that about 14 percent of patients affected by pneumonia who recovered from the disease in the southern Chinese province of Canton and were discharged have returned positive for coronavirus in subsequent tests, they reported Today the local media. (February 26, 2020, EFE / Practicaespañol)

(Automatic translation)

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