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The mascot frog of the Central American Games is called Parita in honor of a powerful chief

Panama / A blue poison dart frog, named Parita in honor of a powerful cacique, is the official mascot of the Central American and Caribbean Games Panama 2022, after being selected from three finalists.

As announced by the Organizing Committee of the Games, Parita is a creation of the Panamanian designer Guillermo Mann, reached 7,631 votes, and his name was chosen in honor of the richest and most powerful of all Ngäbe chieftains

“It is a tribute to our traditions. It tells the stories of an abundant land and a prosperous town from before being colonized,” said the author of Parita.

Mann stressed that Parita will be a great entertainer of the Central American and Caribbean Games, which are currently scheduled to take place in Panama from June 9 to 24, 2022.

This little friend is enthusiastic, fun, you will always hear him motivating everyone in every song and jump. Although he is in danger of extinction, he fights for his lands, equality, customs, his right to life and the rest of the species, “said the creator of Parita, awarded $ 3,500 for winning the contest.

The winning design was followed closely by Jarpy, who garnered 7,380 votes, and then Eileen and Irving, with 3,960 Panamanians supporting their idea.

“Parita is already part of the Games today and will remain in history,” highlights the statement from the organizing committee.

Panama was chosen as the venue for the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games of 2022 by the Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization (Odecabe), in a general assembly held in February 2017 in Barranquilla.

It will be the third time that these games take place in Panama City, which already hosted them in 1938 and 1970. (July 13, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)
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Una rana azul dardo concursa para ser la mascota de los Juegos Centroamericanos.
Una rana azul dardo será la mascota de los Juegos Centroamericanos.
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habla de ranas azules
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