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The moon is very older

A study of eight fragments collected by the Apollo 14 mission suggests that the Moon is older than previously thought and solidified about 4.5 billion years ago during the first 60 million years after the birth of the Solar System.


The Moon’s age is considered fundamental to understanding the evolution of the Solar System and the formation of rocky planets, including Earth, but has never been accurately determined.

Some scientists suggest that the Moon formed in the hundred years after the formation of the Solar System, while others defend a later creation, between 150 and 200 million years.

The latest study by scientists from California, Chicago, Princeton and Berkeley University, published by Nature, presents a new dating of some zircon fragments collected by NASA’s Apollo 14 mission, which stepped on the Moon in January 1971.

Another study published this week by the journal Nature Geoscience points out that the Moon may have been formed by a series of large impacts, rather than being the result of a single giant collision, which would explain why it appears to be composed mostly of material similar to that of The Earth and not by a mixture of terrestrial remains and of another planet.

Madrid, January 12, 2017, EFE / PracticaEspañol

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