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A winding walkway, located in the most beautiful botanical garden in Africa, allows to enjoy spectacular views of the mountains and nature of Cape Town from an unusual perspective: walking on the treetops!

The African snake boomslang, which lives in the trees of southern Africa, takes breath away of those who observe it due to the danger of its proximity, but the elevated walkway that has been nicknamed with the same name of the ophidian, due to its curved shape and twisted and its arboreal environment, interrupted breathing due to the views offered.

The Centenary Tree Canopy Walkway is a new curved bridge of steel and wood that zigzags up and down a leafy tree plantation, for scientific studies or arboretum, and whose route runs above and through the cups, sometimes caressed by the haze and low clouds.

The Boomslang, is part of the National Botanical Garden of Kirstenbosch or KNBG of Cape Town, the second largest city in South Africa, nestled in a region full of beautiful natural landscapes and dominated by the majestic Table Mountain (mountain table) so-called for its strikingly flat cusp.


The KNBG or Kirstenbosch, is managed by the National Institute of Biodiversity of South Africa (SANBI) and has the reputation of being “the most beautiful garden on the continent and one of the largest botanical gardens in the world”, and it is very likely that few gardens can match the grandeur of its location next to the eastern slopes of the Table Mountain, as indicated by the SANBI.

In Kirstenbosch, there are more than 7,000 plant species in cultivation, representing a wide variety of unique flora, including many rare and threatened plants, both in the area and other regions and the various ‘biomes’ or ecological environments of southern Africa.

This 36-hectare orchard is part of a 528-hectare nature reserve that contains mountainous areas that hold natural forests and fynbos (a type of scrub made up of more than 8,500 species), along with a wide variety of animals and birds.

Much of this plant sea is seen from the Boomslang, a 130-meter-long sculptural walkway that starts from the forest floor, weaves slightly between the trees in a discreet, almost invisible way, and extends over the arboreal canopy, offering Spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, the garden and the plains of Cape Town.

The narrow and slender footbridge, which is transversally shaped like a half moon, adapts to the slope where the four hundred trees of the arboretum are located, touches the forest floor in two places and elevates visitors to 12 meters above the ground, in its highest points, undulating and submerging like a snake among the vegetation, according to the KNBG. (November 2017, EFE/Practica Español)

News related in video (September 2011):


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