The "nicknames" of some numbers in Spanish.
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The most common nicknames of some numbers in Spanish

When we are talking about the game or the lottery, some numbers are known by their nicknames. The fifteen (‘quince’) is called ‘the pretty girl’ and twenty-two (‘veintidós’), ‘the two ducklings’. The Spaniards usually receive them spontaneously with those nicknames when they appear in a raffle or refer to them when they are part as endings of the winners numbers. For example, when the Christmas Lottery raffle on December 22 is broadcast, with which the Christmas holidays begin in Spain. In this post, we leave you in Spanish some of the most common names:



El quince (15) = La niña bonita

(The fifteen (15) =  The pretty girl)

El veintidós (22) = Los dos patitos

(The twenty-two (22) = The two ducklings)

El once (11) = los dos soldaditos o las banderillas

(The eleven (11) = the two little soldiers or the ‘banderillas’)

El siete (7) = el número de la suerte

(The seven (7) = the lucky number)

El trece (13) = la mala pata

(The thirteen (13) = the bad luck)

El diecinueve (19) = San José

(The nineteen (19) = Saint Joseph)

El veinticuatro (24) = Nochebuena

(The twenty-four (24) = Christmas Eve)

El veinticinco (25) = Navidad

(The twenty-five (25) = Christmas)

El treinta y tres (33) = la edad de Cristo

(The thirty-three (33) = the age of Christ)

El noventa (90) = el abuelo

(The Ninety (90) = grandfather)


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