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The most complete edition of “Spiritual Canticle” by Saint John of the Cross has been published

Barcelona / The Lumen publishing house has published the most complete edition, free of both religious and philological dogmas, of  Spiritual Canticle by Saint John of the Cross.

In this new edition, the doctor in Hispanic Philology and professor at the University of Barcelona Lola Josa, a specialist in the author, has fixed the text in the light of the Hebrew mystique immersed in the poem.

Josa has amended “secular transmission errors” and proposes “an unprecedented interpretation that, free from both religious and philological dogmas, gives a renewed life to the poem and discovers a hidden treasure of references, readings and challenges”, explains Lumen through a statement.

A denigrating cell was the place where, in 1578, Spiritual Canticle – considered one of the peak moments of Western poetry- was conceived.

Friar John of the Cross remained locked up in that cell for wanting to reform the Carmelite order, and his jailer provided him with paper and ink to write, as well as a needle and thread with which the barefoot man could sew blankets and rags to escape, taking with him the notebook with the first 31 stanzas of the Songs between the Soul and the Husband, which he had composed on the night of his confinement.

In the presentation of this book, the editor Andreu Jaume highlighted that “John of the Cross couldn’t flee and had to settle for an internal exile, painful and very hard, which he succeeded in transforming into an experience of light and fullness as few poets they have achieved in the West ”.

For Jaume, Lola Josa has carried out in this book a true “restoration work, illuminating, with authority and persuasion, many areas of the Spiritual Canticle that until now remained in semi-darkness or that had been blackened by certain inertia of routine interpretive ”.

A specialist in classical theater and baroque poetry, Josa has focused her studies on the relationships between poetic and musical language, as well as on the poetic-musical imbrications in other artistic manifestations such as theater. She is also the director of the thematic portal Literature and Music of the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library. (March 30, 2021, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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Question 1
El texto habla de...
la publicación de una edición de una obra de san Juan de la Cruz.
una antología de poemas de san Juan de la Cruz que se publicará pronto.
la influencia de la obra de san Juan de la Cruz en la poesía actual.
Question 2
Sobre "Cántico espiritual" de san Juan de la Cruz se dice que...
se escribió a finales del siglo quince.
la nueva edición que se ha publicado de esta obra apenas aporta algo nuevo.
la nueva edición de esta obra ha aportado una novedosa interpretación.
Question 3
En el texto se dice que...
Josa no cree que sea necesario fijar esa obra de san Juan de la Cruz bajo la luz de la mística hebrea.
Josa asegura que se han mantenido todos los dogmas religiosos y filológicos en esta nueva edición.
Josa afirma que en esta edición se han corregido algunos errores en la transmisión de esta obra.
Question 4
Según el texto...
Jaume afirma que san Juan de la Cruz consiguió escapar de su celda sin la ayuda de nadie.
Jaume piensa que san Juan de la Cruz vivió un exilio interior que plasmó en su poesía.
Jaume sí cree que san Juan de la Cruz logró escapar de esa celda.
Question 5
San Juan de la Cruz escribió más de una veintena de estrofas en su celda.
No se sabe.
Question 6
El artículo determinado para "dogma" es...
Question 7
Por definición, un "desafío" es...
una derrota.
un triunfo.
un reto.
Question 8
Se llama "carcelero" a la persona que...
acaba de cumplir condena y sale de la cárcel.
está en la cárcel por cometer un delito.
vigila la cárcel.
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Un sinónimo de "fugarse" es...
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