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The murder in Colombia of five students between 17 and 18 years old

Buga / Bogota / Dozens of people attended this Monday the wakes of the five young students, three men and two women, between 17 and 18 years old, who were murdered over the weekend while they were on a farm in the town of Buga, in the southwest from Colombia.

“Sometimes in Colombia these acts of violence become culture and what we want with this is that in historical memory this does not fail because they are young people and children,” the one who was its rector at the Liceo de Los Andes told EFE, Robinson Lizcano Echeverry.

The victims were Juan Pablo Marín Pérez, Nicolás Suárez Valencia, Sara María Rodríguez García, Valentina Arias and Jacobo Pérez, who were on a farm in the village of Cerro Rico, near the town of Buga, when at three o’clock At dawn this Sunday, four armed men arrived, rang at the door and shot them dead.

Four of them died on the spot and Jacobo Pérez was transferred to a health center where he died on Sunday afternoon. The attackers also wounded the farm’s butler, Ramiro Martínez, 60, and another under 17, Santiago Tascón.

So far the reasons for the massacre are unknown and the first hypothesis of the Prosecutor’s Office was that they apparently tried to kidnap the son of the owner of the farm, who is an engineer.

“They realize that they are not able to kidnap this person who they were thinking of taking and that is where the unfortunate event of the shooting occurs,” Cali Security Secretary Carlos Alberto Rojas told Noticias Uno this Sunday.

In Buga, located in the department of Valle del Cauca, indignation and sadness reign and the Mayor’s Office decreed three days of official mourning while family and friends celebrated masses and tributes to the victims.

Young people with a career ahead

The five young people were childhood friends, they went to school together and were at the farm, owned by Jacobo’s father, to say goodbye to Juan Pablo, who was going to move to Medellín to study, according to local media.

In the videos they posted that same night on social networks, they could be seen laughing, celebrating, while inflating floats and playing to throw chips at the frog.

“Nicolás, Jacobo, Juan Pablo, Sara and Valentina were young people with dreams, with a willingness to work … They were young people who studied, made an effort, with families of professionals who every day tried to make a homeland so that their children had the best education” Lizcano recalled.

Two of them, Nicolás and Jacobo, were athletes and represented the school and the municipality in roller hockey competitions and leagues; Valentina, the only minor, had just graduated from high school and Sara was beginning the second semester of veterinary medicine.

Nicolás, who had just turned 18 years old, recently returned from a study stay in Australia to start mechanical engineering at university, and Jacobo from an exchange in Canada, and had to start the first semester of civil engineering this week, as his father.

The teammates of Jacobo’s hockey team received their coffin in the cathedral of Buga, with their sports clothes, sticks held high and their eyes heavy on the ground, in homage to his friend.

Against resignation

“I believe that in Colombia impunity has reigned so much that there is a term that is used which is resignation, but we cannot continue to think from resignation,” Lizcano asked, in memory of the young people.

This is the sixth massacre committed so far this year in Colombia, according to the count of the NGO Institute of Studies for the Development of Peace (Indepaz).

“It is the sixth massacre and the first month (of 2021) is not yet over,” denounced the president of Indepaz, Camilo González Posso, who considered it to be “a situation of alarm that has called for the UN Council to ask the Government to take extraordinary measures ”.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, denounced on December 15 that hundreds of people died last year in Colombia in massacres or as victims of selective assassinations, which has been the case in particular of social leaders and ex-guerrillas. (January 25, 2021, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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varios jóvenes fueron asesinados recientemente en Colombia.
la ONU ya está enviando ayuda a Colombia para que no se produzcan más masacres en el país.
las autoridades colombianas acaban de arrestar a los autores de una masacre en Colombia.
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En el texto se dice que...
esos jóvenes estudiantes se conocían desde que eran niños.
los hechos ocurrieron en una universidad de la capital de Colombia.
las autoridades afirmaron que los hechos ocurrieron a las tres de la tarde.
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Según el texto...
todos esos estudiantes estaban estudiando medicina veterinaria.
se desmiente que esos estudiantes estuvieran en la finca del padre de uno de ellos cuando ocurrieron los hechos.
muchas personas asistieron al velatorio de esos estudiantes.
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Tras leer el texto entendemos que...
Michelle Bachelet aún no ha dicho nada sobre las masacres que se están produciendo en Colombia.
los padres de esos estudiantes querían que sus hijos recibieran una educación muy buena.
esta es la primera vez que ocurre algo así en Colombia.
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