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The mysterious case of the anonymous donor of 50 euro banknotes among the residents of a town in Palencia (Spain)

Villarramiel (Palencia, Spain) / The inhabitants of Villarramiel, a small town in Tierra de Campos (Palencia/ Spain), are perplexed by the appearance of envelopes with fifty euros or, in some cases, with larger quantities, in the mailboxes and under the doors of at least a fortnight of the houses of the locality.

The mayor of Villarramiel, Nuria Simón has stated the first envelopes appeared last week and that today there are at least 16 people in the municipality who have received a sepia-colored surprise envelope with money inside, deposited in the mail box, under the door or even in the bicycle basket.

Villarramiel is a town in the province of Palencia (Castilla y León, Spain) and this trickle of free money -from a thousand euros, it is calculated- has affected different areas of the town, whose neighbours, perplexed, look for a logical explanation and while some consider that it is the simple generosity of an unknown benefactor, others receive the money with some distrust.

Legal money in 50 euro banknotes to make their day

In fact, some of the “beneficiaries” have gone to the bank to verify that it is legal tender money and not fake money, and even the Civil Guard because in these times distrust rules.

Is the case of Candelas, one of the first “surprised” with the envelope “generous” that is not left over, or money, because that was a week ago and already spent it in the butcher shop.

“When coming from the purchase and opening the mailbox instead of the mail and the invoices of always there was a brown envelope with 50 euros”, she told the EFE Agency, assuring that she has “no idea” of who could be, but the first thing he did was go to the Civil Guard barracks.

“As it was legal money, it made my day and I spent it,” she said, thanking an anonymous so generous that in the street El Salvador, where she lives, at least has left three more envelopes.

For ‘the queen of the house’

Luisa has been one of the last surprised. She has not been so funny as the envelope, with her name and her address, contained in addition to 50 euros a note with the phrase “The queen of the house” and a heart drawn.

“Last night, when I came back from the Casino, I found it on the floor,” she told EFE, while answering the phone that never stopped ringing, because this Wednesday was a busy day for this woman who has not attended the numerous media that have approached the town.

“And all for 50 euros,” she jokes, a money she also plans to share between her two children.

Nobody has seen a thing

“They say there will be about 20 people and that in total there will be about a thousand euros,” she says, wondering how it is possible that nobody has seen anything when his house is on a busy street in town, on the way to the residence.

The fact is that there is no logic among the recipients, nor by age, nor level of resources, nor because they live in the same street, and even the envelopes contain different amounts, in some there are up to 70 euros and in some houses have left up to two envelopes, and also appear at different times of day or night.

“We do not know what to think,” says the mayor, who is addressing some neighbors, especially elderly people living alone, looking for explanations that she can not give, although many suspect that it may be someone from the town who knows the customs of the people.

For that reason, to some this “anonymous benefactor” has not done them any grace, although to the majority it seems “welcome” this money “fallen from heaven”.

A kind of Robin Hood

“It’s an extraordinary case,” says a neighbour.

“It can be someone who gives him money,” adds another.

“And be alone,” says a third.

In Merche’s shop, in the pharmacy, in the Teleclub, in the Casino and in the bars of the town, they do not talk about anything else and they begin to think that they have in Villarramiel “a kind of Robin Hood”, a stranger who goes leaving envelopes with money for the people without anyone can not even imagine what their true intentions are. (March 14, 2019, EFE/Practica Español)

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