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The new mayor of the Big Apple speaks Spanish and proclaims: "N. York has chosen the way progressive"

The first Democrat win the mayor of New York since 1989 , Bill de Blasio , announced in Spanish that the city " has chosen the way progressive" and said in the language of Cervantes : " We are very proud of what we have achieved in this campaign " .

“Tonight we begin to walk together as a single city ,” said De Blasio in Spanish.

De Blasio has focused his campaign on the fight against economic inequality and lack of opportunities that affect large areas of the city.
” Today has spoken loud and clear for a new direction for New York ,” said Di Blasio , who recognized that the work ” just getting started ” and no illusions , because ” combating inequality has never been easy.”

De Blasio recalled that his campaign has revolved around the ” tale of two cities ” , in which ” a few go so well ” while others are left behind , and said the fight against inequality “is the defining challenge our time. ”

Therefore, explained, is going to ask the wealthiest pay “a little more ” to fund preschool education for all children in the city , as well as special education programs at the evenings.

With her children biracial teen, De Blasio insisted that the municipal Government should respect civil liberties, and asked that police and citizens work hand” to achieve “strong neighbourhoods”

N.York, 6 oct, EFE/PracticaEspañol

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