El día del cine español en Cannes con 'Dolor y Gloria'
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The night of Almodovar and Penelope Cruz in Cannes

Cannes (France) / With a beautiful white dress with blue ribbons which defied the wind from her structured skirt, Penelope Cruz was today the queen of the red carpet in Cannes on the night of Pedro Almodovar and his “Dolor y Gloria”, a film which has been received with passion and warmth in equal parts.



In the first showing of the film for the press, there was a mixed reception. Strong laughter in some scenes and applause at the end, but with divergent opinions.

Some journalists suggest that you have to know a lot about Almodovar’s world to fully enjoy the film and others say they expected more, although all agree on the great performance of Antonio Banderas.

But in the gala showing at the Great Lumière Theatre and with the presence of the whole team, the welcome was much warmer, with a very long applause for more than five minutes, which especially excited the actors.

Spanish cinema day in Cannes

“Dolor y Gloria” is the sixth film that Almodovar presents at the Cannes competition and so far has a remarkable balance: in 1999, he won the best director award for “Todo sobre mi madre” and he was awarded the script of “Volver” in 2006, which also won the best performance award for its actresses.

But he lacks the Palme d’Or, the grand prize at Cannes. And the choice of the winning film rests in this 72 edition on a jury chaired by the Mexican Alejandro González Iñárritu.

The list of winners won’t be known until the 25th, but, meanwhile, today was the day of Spanish cinema on the red carpet in Cannes.

The first to arrive from the team was Penelope Cruz, who stopped to sign autographs before speaking with the festival’s television to ensure that each collaboration with Almodovar” is a new adventure”.

Next, Antonio Banderas, in a brocaded tuxedo and a huge white bow tie, accompanied by his girlfriend, Nicole Kimpel. The actor from Malaga (Spain) also signed autographs to join his teammates later.

Asier Etxeandia, Leonardo Sbaraglia and Nora Navas were pineapples and, laughing, they took advantage of themselves to make selfies before stepping on the carpet, where they are forbidden.

And Pedro Almodovar, in black, was happy but a little nervous about the reception that the film would have.

“Obviously, there is a lot of me in this film, but from the moment you start writing, fiction dominates the story. I am very present in the film but in a totally literal way”, he explained to the festival TV.

A festival which celebrates auteur cinema

He said that it is wonderful to be in Cannes “because the audience of the Grand Theater is the warmest I have known in the whole world”, besides that it is a festival that celebrates auteur cinema and that is “something that we have to support”.

Then came the parade on the carpet, the posed as a group – and also separately in the case of Penelope Cruz and Banderas – and the welcome at the bottom of the stairs by the president and the general delegate of the festival, Pierre Lescure and Thierry Frémaux, respectively.

Before the team had entered the hall the Spanish Minister of Culture acting, Jose Guirao, Rossy de Palma – who said that “Dolor y Gloria” is “pure cinema”, a “masterpiece” -, Marisa Paredes, Bella Hadid, Amber Heard or Iñarritu, who acknowledged that he has only been four days as president of the Cannes jury and is already exhausted.

Inside the room, the team was greeted on arrival with a warm applause, moment that Almodovar took the opportunity to greet the director Jane Campion, shortly before the lights went out and the screening began. (May 17, 2019, EFE/Practica Español)

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