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Beijing / It seemed a good and ecological idea when two years ago in China began to become fashionable rental bikes that are paid via mobile and can be left anywhere, but today have become a nightmare for pedestrians and municipalities.

The idea of free parking rental bikes, by students from Peking University who created the pioneer brand Ofo in 2014 and taking it out from the campus in 2015, has changed the look of Chinese cities by filling in the Bike streets like in the Maoist era and it has brought setbacks.

The possibility of being able to park bikes anywhere, changing the usual rental system in anchors or designated areas, has been the key to the success of an industry that in China already has 70 different brands on its streets and 16 million velocipedes, although it can also be its sentence.

Pedestrians from large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have begun to complain because crowded bikes block streets and side-walks and force them to walk on the road or make it difficult for them to access the subway.

The situation has led many cities in the country to prohibit the increase of the bike rental park: Beijing was one of the first to order it, in September, when the number of these pedal vehicles reached 2.35 million.

The city councils of other metropolises such as Shanghai (with 1.5 million bicycles), Shenzhen, Wuhan and Canton, among others, imitated him and there are now 13 cities that have established a limit when feeling saturated.

They have had to issue regulations to try to concentrate these vehicles in designated areas, prevent them from being parked inside residential areas, or to be left in the middle of the road, requiring the companies that manage these services to pick them up periodically.

Bicycles for rent in other cities of the world

Ofo, who understands these provisions is already taking his idea to cities such as London, Manchester, Florence, Milan, Singapore or Bangkok, because he defends that over some logistical problems have brought great benefits to urban transport.

“Bicycle rental is a viable long-term alternative to public transport, taxis or private cars,” said a company spokesman.

Mobike, which with its orange bicycles rivals the Ofo yellows, and which has already deployed bicycles in countries such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan or Austria, plans an “army” of 20 million velocípeds in other 200 cities of the world.

The cities of the rest of the world also defend themselves from the invasion of bicycles: in some European cities the system has been banned and others, like Madrid, study it. (November 7, 2017, EFE/Practica Español)

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Question 1
La noticia trata...
de los inconvenientes que están ocasionando las bicicletas de alquiler en China.
de la prohibición del uso de bicicletas en la mayoría de las ciudades de China.
solo de los beneficios que hay al desplazarse en bicicletas de alquiler por la urbe.
Question 2
Según el texto...
los peatones aún no han tenido ningún tipo de problema con esas bicicletas.
desde el principio los peatones tuvieron problemas con estas bicicletas.
con el tiempo aparecieron los inconvenientes por el uso de estas bicicletas.
Question 3
¿Cuál es el principal problema de estas bicicletas?
El hecho de que impidan que los otros vehículos circulen con normalidad.
El hecho de que dificulten la movilidad de los peatones.
El hecho de que no haya bicicletas suficientes para todo el mundo.
Question 4
Al principio, quienes utilizan estas bicicletas...
debían dejar las bicicletas en un parking especial.
tenían prohibido dejarlas tiradas en las aceras.
podían dejarlas donde quisieran después de haberlas utilizado.
Question 5
Algunas ciudades chinas...
creen innecesario cualquier tipo de regulación para evitar los problemas con las bicicletas.
han adoptado medidas para evitar que aumenten los problemas causados por esas bicicletas.
descartan que sea necesaria la limitación del número de bicicletas de alquiler.
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Las empresas de alquiler de bicicletas tienen pensado llevar su negocio a otros países.
¡No tengo ni idea!
Es verdad.
Es mentira.
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