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The opera "La conquista de Granada", of Emilio Arrieta, arrives at the German Theatre in Gießen

The State Theatre in Gießen (Germany Center) premiere the Saturday morning opera "La conquista di Granata" (la conquista de Granada), of navarro composer Emilio Arrieta (1823-1894).

This opera, written originally in Italian with Libretto by Temistocle Solera, premiere for the first time in 1850 in the theatre of the Royal Palace in Madrid on the occasion of birthday of Queen Isabel II.

The work is the episode of the Reconquista that ends with the Muslim rule in the Iberian peninsula.

Tells the story of love between Christian gentleman Gonzalo and Muslim Zulema and his fight against the imperatives of their respective Kings, Isabel la Católica and Boabdil.

The representation is musically directed by German Jan Hoffman and the stage direction is in charge of Cathérine Miville.

In the cast, the Basque soprano Naroa Intxausti is Zulema and the Uruguayan tenor Leonardo Ferrando, Gonzalo de Córdoba.

The Italian singer Giuseppina Piunti is the Castilian Queen and German baritone Tomi Wendt is the last sovereign of Granada, Boabdil.

The opera will be on poster at Giessen Theatre until July 11 with seven performances.

“La conquista di Granata”is one of the principal works of Arrieta, born in Puente la Reina (Navarra) and who composed more than 50 operettas in his career, including “Marina”, “El dominó azul” and “El grumete”.

Berlín, 23 mayo 2014, EFE/PracticaEspañol

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