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The present with value of future

In the colloquial use of the Spanish language, maybe you can heard or read sentences as “I get married within a year”. The Spanish speaker is updating to the present something that will happen in the future. He does not say “I will marry in one year” and, yet, the expression is correct. As can be seen, time travels are also of language´s characteristic.

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Look at these examples:

On Tuesday, I have the meeting. / On Tuesday, I will have the meeting.

Next week, I travel to Amsterdam. / Next week, I will travel to Amsterdam.

In one year, I’m in top shape / In one year, I’ll be in top shape.

– Why, when or how present tense is used as future?

A.- When an future action is updated:

A.1) because a category of fact is granted to something that has not yet happened but will happen…

In six months, I’m college student. / In six months, I will be college student.

I open the store in August. / I will open the store in August.

I call you tomorrow without fail. / I’ll call you tomorrow without fail.

I go to the party / I’ll go to the party.

A.2) .- In making a decision:

I stop smoking in fifteen days / I will stop smoking in fifteen days.

This year, I go to the gym / This year, I will be going to the gym.

I am volunteer this summer. / I will be volunteer this summer.

— When we ask:

Tomorrow, do I go with you to the doctor? Tomorrow, will I go with you to the doctor?

Do you play football on Saturday? Will you play football on Saturday?

Do you skate this weekend? / Will you skate this weekend?

— In conditional expressions:

If he tells me off, I get up and I go.

If you invite me, you may attend the party.

If you do not count on me, it’s his problem.

It is possible to find the present used as future in universal sentences:

One swallow does not make a summer.

The squeaking wheel gets the grease.

A. Carlos / Practica Español

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