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The priest from Curitiba (Brazil) who for COVID-19 celebrates mass before 170,000 photos received by email

Curitiba (Brazil) /   The exceptional times of the coronavirus led a Brazilian priest, faced with the need to prevent his faithful from crowding into his church and exposing themselves to the disease, to offer his daily mass for those who send his photograph by email, and so far he has received 170,000 images.

The photos were distributed this Saturday on the banks of the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the city of Curitiba, a regional capital in southern Brazil, at the mass that its pastor and rector, Brazilian priest Reinaldo Manzotti, celebrates daily.

The religious, with the doors of his church closed and as he does daily since a week ago asked his faithful to avoid the crowds, fully celebrated the midday mass this Saturday before a handful of photographers and cameramen.

At the ceremony, transmitted by social networks for those who want to attend, only a singer, a sacristan and a person who helps in reading the biblical texts attend, in addition to their direct assistants.

“The first day I felt a shock when praying mass alone, but then they began asking me on social networks to pray for the victims of the coronavirus and I saw that I could do something to comfort those who cannot go to the temple for safety,” he explained.

“People want security. That is why I will continue to offer mass in the solitude of the church in the next 40 days. We have to maintain a network that offers comfort and strengthens the faith, “said the religious, who clarified that in his radio and television programs he advises the faithful to stay home to avoid getting contagious

The priest assures that his intention is to be able to continue offering Mass without putting his parishioners at risk, raising awareness of the need for people to avoid crowds so as not to catch the coronavirus and send a message of solidarity.

From Paraguay to Israel

“In the first days we put the photographs on the benches as if each one were personal, but, since they are no longer enough, we decided to place the new ones that are arriving in a basket that is deposited on the altar,” Izadorah explained to EFE, one of those responsible for the sacristy of this Catholic temple.

The assistant to the sacristy explained that the first photos that arrived corresponded to the faithful of Manzotti himself in his church in Curitiba, but that later photographs of people from other cities in Brazil and from countries such as Paraguay, the United States, Germany and to Israel.

“We received them in an email that the priest made available and printed them out and arranged them in the church,” added Izadorah.

The number of photos jumped from 5,000 on Thursday, to 100,000 on Friday and up to 170,000 on Saturday thanks to the popularity that the priest has on social networks for his radio and television program on a YouTube channel.

More than divine justice

His initiative contrasts with that of some pastors of some evangelical churches in Brazil who insisted on convening their faithful despite the risk generated by the crowding of people indoors.

Although they came to present appeals to the Justice that allowed them to keep their temples open, both the regional governments and the courts of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, two of the most populous states in Brazil, have already banned religious ceremonies while the crisis generated lasts by the coronavirus.

The concern expressed by the Public Ministry led Rio de Janeiro’s own cardinal, Orani Joao Tempesta, to order the suspension of face-to-face masses throughout the archdiocese of Rio and the provisional closure of the churches.

The Archdiocese of Rio recognized that modern technologies for offering Mass in media such as television and the Internet allow Masses to be safely attended from home.

In Sao Paulo, it was the fourteenth federal judge who ordered the prohibition of any type of gathering of faithful and followers of churches, both in temples and in religious houses, a decision that extends to “any religion.” (March 24, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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en ningún momento le ha resultado algo "extraño" oficiar una misa en una iglesia vacía.
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unas cuantas personas acompañan a ese sacerdote en las misas diarias que oficia todos los días.
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aún hay espacios en los bancos de la iglesia para colocar más fotografías.
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