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The regional elections of the Basque Country and Galicia ahead of the Catalan

Madrid / After a 2019 with five electoral processes, some Spaniards will return to the polls in 54 days after the April 5 advance of the regional (regional) elections in the Basque Country and Galicia, and the advance, not yet dated, in Catalonia.

This calendar of regional elections goes beyond the communities involved since, according to political analysts, it can affect the policy of pacts at the national level and the negotiation of key issues such as the general state budgets.

The lehendakari Íñigo Urkullu justified the advancement of the elections in the electoral climate is installed in the Basque Country and in that way it saved the Basque society an eight-month campaign, until autumn.

The same day, just two hours later, that of the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, thinking about the best for Galicia, announced the Galician elections “at the same time as in the Basque Country”, when they were also planned for the next fall.

The fact is that both communities have dated their elections ahead of the Catalans, still undated, although both Urkullu and Núñez Feijóo have decoupled their decision from the situation in Catalonia.

“Once the budgets in Parliament have been approved, I will announce the date of the regional elections,” Torra said in an official announcement on January 29.

The calls

The official bulletins of the Basque Country and Galicia have published Tuesday the electoral calls on April 5 announced by the lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, and the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, respectively.

The Official Bulletin of the Basque Country (BOPV) has published the decree calling the regional elections of April 5 and the dissolution of the Basque Parliament signed by the lehendakari, to meet the legal deadlines of the call.

The election date will be held 54 days after the decree was published, on April 5, and the campaign will begin on Friday, March 20, although as usual the parties advance their acts on the afternoon of Thursday, March 19 , festive in the Basque Country.

For its part, the Official Gazette of Galicia (DOG) published on Tuesday the decree that also dissolved the Galician Chamber, which will be re-established on May 5 at 11 am.

As for the election of deputies there are no variations, so that A Coruña will choose 25, Pontevedra 22 and Ourense and Lugo, 14 each, to complete the 75 seats.

The campaign will last fifteen days, between Friday, March 20 and Friday, April 3. (February 11, 2019, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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