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The Sambadrome lowers the curtain but Carnival runs free throughout Brazil

In Rio de Janeiro itself, as well as in Recife, Salvador, Sao Paulo, Brasilia and almost all the cities of the country, the troupes occupied the streets with the devilish rhythm of their drums, at a party that in most cases has beer as fuel and in many places it will last for a few more days.

Although Vinicius de Moraes sang that during the “great illusion” of the Carnival “sadness has no end, happiness does” and that “everything ends” on Ash Wednesday, today’s Brazilians do not seem to pay much attention to the father of the Bossa Nova.

The street gangs known as “blocos” have already scheduled parades in dozens of cities even for this same Wednesday, when the official long holiday that began last Friday across the country ends and Brazilians are supposed to save their costumes and return to the job.

In recent years, in which street Carnival became massive and the “blocos” acquired enormous dimensions, many of those bands have chosen not even to announce their parades, in order to maintain the spirit of partying among friends they had in the past.

One of them was the Bloco de Osmar, in Sao Paulo, which only used “word of mouth” communication for its parade, and although it avoided even social networks, this Tuesday brought together hundreds of people in a square.

Carnival also maintained the feminist tone that many groups have printed, such as the “Paco Bloc”, inspired by the intellectual and communist activist Patricia Galvao, who died in 1962 and dedicated part of her life to the fight for the rights of women women.

In Rio de Janeiro, the last official day of the Carnival took to the street at least 60 “blocos”, some already more than traditional, such as the Ipanema Band, which since 1964 occupies every year the streets next to the beach followed by Tens of thousands of people.

The Sambadrome awaits the “champion” school

The parades of the samba schools in the Sambadrome of Rio de Janeiro concluded during the early hours of Tuesday and the fans of the party awaited the decision of the jurors on the best presentation.

The ruling that rewards the best parade will be known this Wednesday in an act that paralyzes almost every Rio de Janeiro favela every year, which are the soul of samba schools.

The six best schools of this Carnival will return to the Sambadrome next Saturday for the so-called “Parade of the Champions”, which will definitely end the mix of revelry and collective catharsis in which Brazil is immersed every year. (February 26, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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