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Madrid / “The secessionists are not of better condition that rest of the citizens”, Mariano Rajoy said a deputy from Bildu (Basque party of independence ideology) in the parliament, when he defended the application of article 155 in Catalonia.

The deputy Marian Beitialarrangoitia affirmed that Executive looks for that they are secessionists only “in the privacy” and accused the PP to take “forty years trying not to develop the state of the autonomies” and “blocking pending competitions”.

“A person has the perfect entitled to think as he deems appropriate and convenient. You can be a secessionist or you can’t be it, but the secessionists are not of better condition than the rest of the citizens. The secessionists also have to comply with the law like who are not secessionists have to comply with it too”, he said.

After replying to the deputy of Bildu Marian Beitialarrangoitia that the Government intends not at all to apply 155 in another territory, Rajoy assured that this instrument is not used “capriciously” and is also “exceptional, although not unpublished” because many countries in the environment of Spain have it.

Rajoy explained to Beitialarrangoitia that she lives in the “most decentralized state in the world” both politically and administratively and in terms of public spending. Spain, he argued, has been developing the State of autonomies for forty years. (November 8, 2017, EFE/Practica Español)

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de lo que dijo Rajoy en el parlamento español.
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Según la noticia, Rajoy...
dijo que todos los ciudadanos tienen los mismos derechos.
afirma que unos ciudadanos tienen más derechos que otros.
dijo que solo algunos ciudadanos deben cumplir la ley.
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Rajoy no está de acuerdo con esa diputada.
Rajoy no expresa su desacuerdo con esa diputada.
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niega que vaya a aplicarse el artículo 155 en otras zonas de España.
admite que aplicará el artículo 155 en otras zonas de España.
dice que es posible que tenga que aplicar el artículo 155 en otras zonas de España.
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España no es un país centralizado.
España es el país más centralizado del mundo.
España está muy poco descentralizada.
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