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The smart toilet from Stanford University or toilet for disease prevention by urinalysis and feces

By Pablo Gutman / The ‘Smart toilet’, developed by medical researchers at Stanford University (USA), incorporates technologies that detect biological markers of a variety of ailments in faeces and urine from infections, to different cancers or insufficiency renal.

According to its creator Sanjiv ‘Sam’ Gambhir, it consists of a monitoring device equipped with a camera and test strips, which is placed inside the toilet bowl and obtains video images and physical and molecular samples, whose data is automatically sent to a Cloud computing system to be analyzed.

“In the event of detecting something questionable, such as blood in the urine, a computer ‘app’ with privacy protection would send an alert to the user’s healthcare team, allowing professionals to determine the next steps for a proper diagnosis,” he explains. Dr. Gambhir.

The ‘intelligence’ of this toilet is not to lift its own lid when a user comes to use it, but to be equipped with technology capable of detecting a variety of biological markers of disease in faeces and urine, including some types of cancer, such as colorectal or urological, according to SM.

“The ‘Smart toilet’ could be particularly useful for monitoring those people genetically predisposed to conditions, such as irritable bowel syndrome, prostate cancer or kidney failure, and want to stay on top of their health” , points out the doctor and professor Sanjiv Sam Gambhir, main author of this device.

This is an ordinary toilet equipped with artifacts inside the bowl. Its different technological tools use motion detection to implement a combination of tests that assess the health of bowel movements.

Urine samples undergo physical and molecular analysis, while stool evaluation is based on their physical characteristics, reports SM.

From the bathroom to the cloud

This toilet automatically sends the data extracted from any sample to a secure system “in the Cloud” (computing and Internet-based services) for safekeeping.

This toilet also deploys test strips to measure a dozen molecular characteristics or biological markers, such as white blood cells, blood contamination, and the levels of certain proteins, which can indicate anything from an infection to bladder cancer and kidney failure.

The smart toilet incorporates an identification system: a small scanner that takes pictures of a part of the body that could be called the opposite pole of facial recognition, the anus.

“We know it seems strange, but it turns out that the anal fingerprint is unique,” said Gambhir, clarifying that these scans are used only as a recognition system to associate each user with their specific data, and no one will see them. EFE / REPORTS/PracticaEspañol

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