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“The Splash”, icon of Hockney Pop Art, was auctioned for 28.6 million euros

London / The work of British artist David Hockney “The Splash” (1966), one of the iconic images of Pop Art, was auctioned off Tuesday at an auction in London for 24.11 million pounds (28.60 million euros).

The work, painted in acrylic on a square canvas of 183 centimeters on the side, was the star of a session dedicated to contemporary art at the Sotheby’s house, the same stage where it had been sold for the last time, in 2006, for 2.6 million of pounds (3.08 million euros at the current exchange rate).

The image of a peaceful pool of blue waters bathed by the sun, whose calm is disturbed by someone diving suddenly, has been recorded as one of the most representative of the art of the twentieth century.

“The geometric order of the composition is too immobile, too refined and too studied, and that is what the drama in ‘The Splash’ generates, the splash that emerges from the canvas to momentarily break the graphic tension of this flat configuration,” the auction house catalog describes.

In 1966, Hockney found inspiration in a pool maintenance manual to execute a series of three works that would consecrate him as an artist.

Californian iconography

“The Splah”, “The Little Splash” and “The Big Splash” share the Californian iconography from which the painter was inspired to arrive in the United States from the United Kingdom.

“He, almost by himself, defined the idea or image about California that we all have today,” said Emma Baker, head of the contemporary art auction at Sotheby’s.

“Hockney was impressed by the light, color and sunny atmosphere of California. His works of the year 1966 are what really made him a name as an artist, ”said the expert. (February 12, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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Question 1
Principalmente, el texto habla de... (Mainly, the text talk about...)
la iconografía de algunas de las obras de Hockney.
una obra de Hockney que se ha subastado en Londres.
algunas de las obras del Pop Art más conocidas.
Question 2
En el texto se dice que... (It's said in the text that...)
la obra de "The Splash" se vendió en una subasta por más de 20 millones de euros.
la obra de "The Splash" mide casi veinte centímetros de lado.
los expertos esperan vender la obra "The Splash" por unos 24 millones de libras.
Question 3
Sobre la obra "The Splash" se dice que... (About the work "The Splash", it's said that...)
hay una persona que está saliendo rápidamente del agua.
hay una persona que se tira al agua.
hay una persona que está nadando tranquilamente en una piscina.
Question 4
Según el texto... (According to the text...)
Hockney escribió también un manual sobre el mantenimiento de piscinas.
"The Splash" no tiene nada que ver con California.
se inspiró en un manual sobre el mantenimiento de piscinas.
Question 5
Leyendo el texto, entendemos que Baker... (Reading to the text, we understand that Baker...)
considera que los trabajos que realizó Hockney a mediados de los sesenta son muy importantes.
afirma que Hockney nunca llegó a definir la imagen de California.
dice que la atmósfera de California no sorprendió ni impresionó a Hockney
Question 6
En el vídeo se dice que... (It's said in the video that...)
Hockney ha utilizado un iPad como un nuevo instrumento de dibujo.
el propio artista no se ha implicado en la preparación de esta muestra.
las obras expuestas no siguen un orden cronológico.
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