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Berlin / The death of a man after a fight at a popular party in eastern Germany sparked what the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel called “intolerable xenophobic incitement”, fed by the tension for that crime and a campaign of disinformation far right in the social networks.

The situation reflects a “new dimension of the disposition to violence”, increased by the “spreading of lies”, explained the Minister of the Interior of the “Land” of Saxony, Roland Wöller, as a result of what happened in Chemnitz this Sunday, when some 800 neo-Nazis launched themselves “on the hunt of the foreigners” through the streets of the city.

The trigger for the radical call was the death of a 35-year-old German citizen, who in the early hours of Saturday to Sunday was immersed in what police sources called a “verbal fight” at the city’s festivities.

In the dispute were involved several people, from different backgrounds and nationalities, including a Syrian and an Iraqi, aged 23 and 22 respectively, arrested today as alleged material perpetrators of the death of the man and who is accused of homicide.

Facts in Chemnitz

What followed next, according to the police spokeswoman, Sonja Penzel, was a call through social networks among the hooligans and neo-Nazis of the city to concentrate on a specific point to show “foreigners who commands here”.

Among the 800 concentrated right-wing extremists, there was a group of about 50 neo-Nazis identified by the police as “violent,” said Penzel, who “commanded” the rest, while ignoring orders to disperse from the police forces deployed in the center of Chemnitz.

There are three assaults or situations of harassment against foreigners – an Afghan, a Syrian and a Bulgarian – in different points of the city and in the three cases against people who met the radicals casually.

Both the spokesperson and the head of Interior of the Land appealed to the citizen collaboration to locate those responsible for these or other possible attacks, while asking for “prudence” before the new calls launched for this Monday.

Concentrations in Chemnitz

The police reinforced their devices before two concentrations of different sign next to the statue of Karl Marx (symbol of Chemnitz, which in the days of communist Germany was called Karl-Marx Stadt), one against xenophobia and another neo-Nazi sign.

The right-wing march summoned between one thousand and two thousand people, among which Hitler slogans and xenophobic shouts were heard, while the left was seconded by a thousand people.

Despite the strong police contingent, there was the launching of bottles and pyrotechnic objects between both sides, as well as some wounded, whose figure has not been specified by the police, until finally the situation was controlled.

The German government spokesman, Steffen Seibert, had condemned, on the other hand, any type of “harassment” against foreigners and declared that “in Germany there is no space to take justice into their own hands, for groups that want to spread hatred in the streets, for intolerance and for extremism. “

“What we know is that in Chemnitz a person was killed and that is terrible,” said the spokesman, while stressing that it is up to the police to clarify what happened, as befits a rule of law when a crime occurs.

The deputy of the far-right alternative for Germany (AfD) Markus Frohnmaier had openly called on citizens through his Twitter account to take justice into his own hands.

Chemnitz, like the rest of Saxony and the whole of East Germany, is an area of strong implantation for this formation, which in the general elections last year rose in that part of the country with 22%, almost ten points more than the average national (12.6%).

In the capital of the “Land”, the European Patriots movement against the Islamization of the West (Pegida) originated in 2014, with strong ties to AfD, despite not having a common structure.

The Chemnitz riots follow the scandal unleashed last week, following a protest called by Pegida against Chancellor Merkel’s presence in Dresden that day. (August 28, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

News related in video (April 2018):


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Question 1
En el texto se dice que...        
se descarta que el fallecimiento de un hombre haya desencadenado una ola de violencia en Alemania del este.
varias personas han perdido la vida a causa de una ola de violencia en Alemania del este.
el fallecimiento de un hombre ha desencadenado una ola de violencia en Alemania del este.
Question 2
En la noticia se dice que la canciller alemana...    
condenó la incitación a la xenofobia utilizando la muerte de ese hombre.
niega que haya tensión entre la población a causa del fallecimiento de un ciudadano alemán.
descarta que grupos de ultraderecha estén incitando a la población a la xenofobia y a la violencia.
Question 3
En  la noticia se dice que...      
la Policía ha detenido a los presuntos homicidas.
la Policía todavía no ha detenido a nadie por el asesinato de un hombre.
la Policía aún continúa buscando a los sospechosos del asesinato de un ciudadano alemán.
Question 4
En el texto se dice que...      
todos los ultraderechistas se manifestaron pacíficamente en Chemnitz.
cientos de ultraderechistas se congregaron para tomarse la justicia por su mano.
se descarta que algunas personas hayan sido agredidas por ultraderechistas.
Question 5
En la noticia  se dice que...    
hubo enfrentamientos entre grupos de ultraderecha y los que están en contra de la xenofobia.
no hubo ningún altercado cuando miles de personas se concentraron junto a la estatua de Marx en Chemnitz.
la Policía logró evitar que hubiera enfrentamientos de las personas que estaban en dos concentraciones opuestas.
Question 6
En el texto se dice que un diputado del AfD...  
incitó públicamente a la violencia y a cometer actos xenófobos en una red social.
trató de calmar la tensión para que no haya una ola de violencia en Chemnitz.
condenó duramente el hecho de que grupos radicales inciten a la violencia en las redes sociales.
Question 7
En el vídeo se dice que...    
un grupo de neonazis se reúnen para conmemorar el día que Hitler subió al poder.
un grupo de neonazis se reúnen para celebrar el fin de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
un grupo de neonazis celebran el cumpleaños de Hitler en un festival.
Question 8
Según el vídeo, ha habido un aumento de eventos ultraderechistas.  
Es verdad.
No se sabe.
Es mentira.
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