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The third elections in Israel in one year and the first in special tents for the isolated by coronavirus vote

Jerusalem / At seven in the morning local time (5.00 GMT), the more than 11,000 voting centers opened in Israel to elect, for the third time in a year, a Knesset (Parliament) that manages to form a government.

They are called to vote about 6.5 million Israelis, over 18, who will have fifteen hours to do so on a day that is considered a national holiday and where part of public transport will be free to facilitate the right to vote.

The first results of ballot box surveys are expected with the closure of schools, shortly after 10 pm (GMT 20.00)

Hundreds of Israelis will be able to vote with a particularity: they have been quarantined for having traveled to a country (or been near a traveler) that had the coronavirus, and are therefore not allowed to do so in their corresponding polling stations. There are a dozen infected in Israel.

For the isolated, a fortnight of tents with special insulation have been installed, outside of which they will be attended by protected personnel and to which they must go without using public transport and deposit their vote using a disposable pen, gloves and masks.

Voter apathy

The election campaign has been marked by voter apathy and bad taste attacks between the main parties in recent days.

The surveys foresee that the results do not differ gradually from those registered after the elections of last September and April, when the formations were unable to agree on a coalition government.

The two main parties are the rightist Likud, by Benjamin Netanyahu, and his center-right rival, Beny Gantz. No one can rule alone and needs to agree to reach a simple majority. The problem is that even with their possible partners, the first the ultra-right and ultra-Orthodox parties and the second with the left and the external support of the Arabs, neither does it reach the 61 seats needed.

Again, it is possible that right-wing Avigdor Lieberman and his Israel Our Home party have the possibility of tilting the balance to one side or the other.

Two developments are presented unlike the last two quotes: the first is that Netanyahu now weighs the slab of being formally accused of corruption and the second, in his favor, that the US peace proposal has given impetus to the demands of the right regarding the conflict with the Palestinians, otherwise absent in this election campaign.

Last night, Facebook was forced to withdraw a video uploaded by the Netanyahu campaign, in which it talked about some last polls that would give it more seats than all the previous ones, by violating the law that prohibits publishing polls within three days of the vote (March 2, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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