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“The triumph of Death”, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, a moral work that is part of the canon of art history, in which the Flemish painter paints the destruction because death has destroyed everything, has regained its brilliance and his original pictorial technique, after a deep restoration.

The Prado Museum already exhibits the restored painting that symbolizes the triumph of death over worldly things, by Bruegel, one of the great painters and engravers of the sixteenth century in Europe.

A painter who is not known much of his training, he was born in 1520, died in Brussels in 1569 and devoted himself to painting in the last 15 years of his life.

Alejandro Vergara, curator of Flamenco Painting from the Prado Museum, Bruegel “is as important as El Bosco, Miguel Angel or Leonardo”, a painter who is believed to have around 40 works in the world and the Prado Museum has two, “The triumph of Death” and “The Wine of Saint Martin’s Day”.

“The triumph of Death” is an oil on panel, 117 × 162 centimeters, has been carried out by María Antonia López de Asiain, in the pictorial layer and by José de la Fuente in its support, with sponsorship of the foundation of a company in the energy sector.

Bruegel’s painting is a village devastated by death, in a kind of final judgment, with a dark sky from the smoke, a destroyed house, an army of the dead, and a battalion of skeletons entering.

With a landscape in the background, executions, spears, cars, pikes in which people are executed, in an image that leads the viewer to think of Bosco, whom Bruegel followed.

The intervention in “The triumph of Death”, which has lasted a year and a half, has allowed “to recover the structural stability” of it, “its true color, composition and pictorial technique of strong personality that with precise movements of brush gets transparency in the funds and prodigious clarity in the first planes”. (June 4, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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Question 1
La noticia habla...  
de la restauración de un cuadro.
de una exposición sobre toda la obra de un pintor flamenco.
de la compra de un cuadro.
Question 2
En el texto se dice que...  
Bruegel pintó ese cuadro en el siglo quince.
Bruegel pintó ese cuadro en el siglo dieciséis.
no se tiene claro si Bruegel es el autor de este cuadro restaurado.
Question 3
"El triunfo de la muerte" es una obra que expresa la idea...  
de que todas las cosas mundanas mueren.
de que las cosas mundanas son eternas.
de que la muerte no puede destruir todas las cosas de este mundo.
Question 4
Según el texto, la restauración de esta obra...  
solo ha durado un par de meses.
casi ha durado dos años.
ha durado justo un año.
Question 5
Este cuadro ha recuperado su colorido tras esta restauración.  
No se sabe.
Para nada.
Es verdad.
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