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The UFO videos that the US has declassified

Washington / The Pentagon published Monday the recordings of three sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) by its pilots, one collected in 2004 and two in 2015.

The Department of Defense “publishes these videos to clarify any misunderstanding by the public about whether the recordings that have been circulating are real or not, and if there is more (content) in the videos. The aerial phenomenon seen in the videos remains classified as unidentified, “explained the Pentagon about these images, which had been filtered and have been circulating on the network since 2007 and 2017.

The first video, that of 2004, was shared by one of the crew who witnessed the scene in 2007; It was later published alongside the other two by the organization The Stars Academy (TTSA) and The New York Times in December 2017 and March 2018.

In 2019, the U.S. Navy acknowledged that the three recordings were real, but had not officially released them until now.

The first recording, known to experts as “FLIR1,” shows an oblong-shaped object, which accelerates out of sight of the sensors.

In the video called “Gimbal,” a crew member is heard saying “look at that thing,” referring to a flying object that they said appeared to be upwind in 2015.

Finally, in the recording known as “Go Fast“, also from 2015, a flying object that appears to be on the surface of the water is seen and military teams are heard asking “What the hell is that?” and “What is that, man?”

The Black Vault website, dedicated to declassifying government documents, was the first to reveal that the US Navy considered that the phenomena sighted were considered UFOs by teams of specialists. (April 28, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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The related news on video (January 2017):


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una página web que está relacionada con el fenómeno ovni.
lo que dijo la Armada de EE.UU. sobre unas grabaciones.
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En el texto se dice que...
en esos vídeos se ven objetos voladores no identificados.
esos vídeos se grabaron hace dos décadas.
la Armada de EE.UU. desmiente que las imágenes de esos vídeos sean reales.
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Según el texto...
los pilotos no sabían qué era eso que estaban viendo.
el Pentágono no ha autorizado la desclasificación de esos vídeos.
la Armada de EE.UU. ha logrado recientemente identificar eso que vieron aquellos pilotos.
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En el texto se dice que...
todos los objetos voladores no identificados de esas grabaciones iban en contra del viento.
el ovni de la primera grabación tenía forma cuadrada.
uno de esos objetos voladores no identificados parece estar sobre el agua.
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Según el vídeo...
dos oficiales confirmaron el avistamiento de ese ovni.
Chile es el país donde se registran más avistamientos ovnis en todo el mundo.
no se ha hecho ninguna investigación sobre ese avistamiento.
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