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The unanimous request of the Spanish tennis players starting with Rafa Nadal

Madrid / “If people can go to a construction site to work together, understanding the Health measures and being much closer together than on the tennis court, why can’t we return to training as soon as possible?”

That reflection by Rafa Nadal, “understanding that there are other things to solve long before tennis”, is shared by many of his teammates on the courts, who are eager to return as soon as possible to develop their work as professional players.

A unanimous request of the tennis players who base on the condition of individual sport, in which it is easier to be able to keep the distances between people to avoid friction, compared to other collective sports.

For the Spanish Davis Cup captain, Sergi Bruguera, tennis “starts with more advantage than other sports to return to normal training.” Another thing would be the competition, “more complicated by the trips of tennis players to various cities.”

Roberto Bautista, who also participated in a virtual talk organized by the Spanish Tennis Federation, acknowledged that tennis players are not used to being at home that long.

“We are very active athletes, we have very marked routines and now we are doing the physique we can to keep fit while waiting for the situation to improve. So the sooner we can get back to routine it will be better for everyone. Tennis is our job and we have been unemployed for two months, ”he confessed.

For Feliciano López, the tennis players have to “have a solution to do” their work because they have been “standing for two months and when they return to the competition other things influence that are not dependent on the Government.”

“I think it is time to return little by little,” stressed the player from Toledo.

His partner Pablo Carreño is living a “new situation that nobody was used to.”

“I see it very distant to return to the circuit, because we are many players, but in order to train it could be. Tennis is our life, we live from this and the sooner we can start we will avoid injuries, “he said.

Ángel Ruiz Cotorro, head of the medical services of the Spanish Tennis Federation, assured that “tennis enjoys privileges” and his return should be “maintaining security measures”.

“You have to be on the lookout and see how the slowdown occurs. If we go in the positive direction, tennis will be one of the first to return, although we have to be aware and prudent because the difficult thing is not to spoil what we do, ”he said.

Another doctor, former tennis player Antonio Zapatero, director of the IFEMA hospital in Madrid, also advocated that tennis be “the first sports to be released because the distance between players is striking and with distance there is no problem of contagion.” (April 27, 2020, EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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Question 1
En el texto se dice que...
tenistas como Nadal y Bautista prefieren estar más tiempo dentro de casa por seguridad.
Nadal dijo que ya están entrenando porque guardan las distancias de seguridad entre ellos.
unos tenistas profesionales piden poder volver a entrenar lo más pronto posible.
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Leyendo el texto entendemos que...
Bautista dice que sigue con su rutina sin ningún problema dentro de casa.
Bautista espera que todo vuelva pronto a la normalidad para poder seguir con su rutina.
Bautista afirma que no puede hacer ningún tipo de ejercicio dentro de casa.
Question 3
En el texto se dice que...
Bruguera afirma que los tenistas no pueden guardar las distancias de seguridad cuando entrenan.
Cotorro dice que la vuelta del tenis se debe hacer manteniendo las medidas de seguridad.
Feliciano López no cree que los tenistas puedan todavía volver a entrenar.
Question 4
Según el texto...
esa petición solo la han hecho un par de tenistas.
esa petición la hicieron todos los tenistas españoles de forma unánime.
no es cierto que haya unanimidad en esa petición.
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