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The decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw his country from the nuclear agreement with Iran widens the gap between his vision of the world and that of his European allies, in addition to spurring uncertainty in the Middle East and complicating the scenario for its summit with North Korea.

Just as when he withdrew from the Paris agreement on climate change and when he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Trump has once again put an election campaign promise ahead of international pacts and the pleas of some of his main allies, in particular the Europeans.

“This is the biggest slap (from Trump) to the US allies to date,” Ian Bremmer, president of global consultancy Eurasia Group, told The Washington Post.

After repeatedly denouncing the “shortcomings” of the 2015 multilateral pact, Trump has decided to align with Iran’s two biggest enemies in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia, to the detriment of its relationship with Europe, which must now try to save the agreement of the coup de grace that the American leader has shot.

“This decision further isolates the United States from any role of international leadership,” Gordon Adams, a foreign policy professor at the American University in Washington, told EFE.

“Together with (the withdrawal of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement) TPP and the Paris climate agreement, this ensures that the rest of the world will be increasingly reluctant to look to the United States to set the pace of major international decisions,” he added.

The biggest damage is in the relationship with Europe, which has been strained by several “rebellious” Trump decisions and threatens an alliance that has been “at the center of global security for the past 70 years,” Adams said.

Visits to Washington by French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson have not been enough to convince Trump of the value of the nuclear agreement with Iran, which imposed limits on the Iranian atomic program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

Middle East

Trump’s announcement also triggers uncertainty in the Middle East, given that the 2015 agreement sought to eliminate a regional tension factor – the possibility of Iran achieving a nuclear weapon – and Tehran has not ruled out resuming its atomic program if efforts to preserve the pact without US at.

“This increases the possibility of an armed conflict in the Middle East,” Adams said, referring to the respective tensions with Iran of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

“It also gives the Iranians an incentive to resume their nuclear program, which will likely cause the Saudis and others, such as Egypt, to move closer to acquiring their own nuclear weapons,” the analyst added.

Trump wielded the opposite argument: according to him, the expiration dates for certain restrictions to the Iranian atomic program included in the 2015 agreement would allow Iran to resume it in a few years, and that would unleash “a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.”

Some analysts consider that behind the furious opposition of Trump to the nuclear agreement with Iran there is a strategy to force a change of regime in Tehran based on strangle their economy through sanctions, a risky bet that could generate an escalation or even a military confrontation in the region.

North Korea

Trump’s announcement comes, on the other hand, a few weeks before his summit with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, scheduled for late May or early June in order to talk about the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, argued that the decision on Iran sends North Korea “a very clear message that the United States will not accept deficient agreements.”

But, by reversing an agreement signed less than three years ago by his predecessor, Barack Obama, the US president also demonstrates to Kim “that you can not count on an agreement with the United States,” according to Robert Einhorn, an expert in nuclear nonproliferation policies at the Brookings Center.

“This will give Kim Jong-a less incentive to make important concessions,” Einhorn said in statements to the USA Today newspaper. (May 9, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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Donald Trump decidió que EE.UU. saliera del acuerdo nuclear con Irán.
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deja claro que comparte las mismas ideas que sus socios europeos.
no tiene nada que ver con algo que prometió durante la campaña electoral.
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varios líderes europeos hicieron todo lo posible para que EE.UU. abandonara ese acuerdo.
varios líderes europeos intentaron que Trump no retirase a EE.UU.  de ese acuerdo.
los principales líderes europeos valoran positivamente que EE.UU. se haya retirado. 
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Según Adams, esta decisión de Trump...  
no afectará en nada al liderazgo internacional de EE.UU.
hace que EE.UU. pierda todavía más liderazgo a nivel mundial.
podría beneficiar a EE.UU. para reforzar su liderazgo internacional.
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se descarta que pueda empeorar la situación en Oriente Medio por haberse retirado EE.UU. de este acuerdo.
muchos analistas consideran que la situación en Oriente Medio será cada vez mejor tras la retirada de EE.UU.
se teme que aumente la tensión en Oriente Medio tras la retirada de EE.UU. de ese acuerdo.
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Einhorn considera que esta decisión de Trump...  
podría afectar negativamente en la reunión con Kim Jong-un.
no influirá en nada en las negociaciones con Corea del Norte.
hará que Kim Jong-un acepte incondicionalmente todo lo que EE.UU. le pida.
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