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The versus preposition

“Versus” is one of 23 Spanish preposition that it means “contra” or “frente a”, and whose meaning is “in oposition a…” as English. It is not one of 23 Spanish preposition more popular, and the fact, the experts recommend the preferential use of “contra” or the locucion “frente a” .

Is easy to find it in the press titulars, specially in the news of the sport or political world and, in generally, in those informations that speak of competition, confrontation or contraposition.

Your abbreviated form is vs. (full stop, period).

And it is more frequent to find it in the written Spanish that in the spoken Spanish.

For example:

Hoy, Real Madrid versus Barcelona.
Clinton versus Trump.
Trump versus Clinton.
Igualdad versus desigualdad.
Cervantes vs. Shakespeare.

But, usually, the people says:

Hoy, Real Madrid contra Barcelona.
Clinto contra Trump o Trump contra Clinton.
Igualdad frente a desigualdad.
Cervantes frente a Shakespeare o Shakespeare frente a Cervantes.

Finally, you should know that it is not right to use the preposition “versus” with the meaning of direction (to) or equivalence.

A. Carlos/ PracticaEspañol




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