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Fashion Nivel B2

The “well” fashion to redecorate the house in times of COVID-19 and other viruses

The world is forced to reinvent itself and our home too. It should be redecorated with practicality, seeking simplicity and with little ornate elements.

The current situation has forced many families to rethink the distribution and colors of their home. The interior design has been forced to reinvent itself to get the most out of it and to be able to accommodate all kinds of relaxation, leisure, training and work activities.

“Our near future will be linked more and more to our houses, spending more time in them than usual. So it is normal that in this new horizon we consider how to make our home look more beautiful, more pleasant, “says Rita Roses, a decorator with more than 30 years of experience in various sectors: retail, hotels, residential and offices.

Mime and balance

In her opinion, “little by little, the Nordic concept of care and balance inside the homes will become more and more pervasive”, and assures that “our homes should turn towards a functional, simple and natural base”.

In her reflection on what we will ask for in the future, she focuses on apartments with more meters and an outdoor terrace in cities; but also a change to the outskirts of large cities to obtain landscaped space and prioritize contact with nature, or simply, make the most of the current home, adapting it to the new panorama in which we find ourselves.

“Injecting beauty and comfort into everyday life will be essential in the decoration,” says Roses.

“It is important not to forget this point. It can be surprising how small things, low-budget details, such as decorating rooms with fresh bouquets, renovating furniture or painting walls, can positively affect mood.

And to this she adds changing some cushion covers, wallpapering a wall, updating any corner of the house with family photographs, relocating decorative objects so that the environment looks different or, simply, getting rid of things that are not used to expand the space.

In this redecoration process, he suggests that small routines be changed, such as “specially” decorating the table for some meals, using aromatic candles and natural fragrances, and doing creative activities with recycling materials to create decorative objects that illuminate our home, “in a way that all this makes us feel more comfortable at home ”, he adds.

Well current

The interior designer and architect Laura Gärna bets on sustainable buildings, respectful with the environment and on architectural projects under the seal of this philosophy.

“The” well “trend will prevail in decoration as a great option to create emotionally positive spaces in order to improve our mental health,” says Gärna.

This is supported by the latest studies and this interior designer puts it into practice by making “sustainability” a priority element.

90% of our time we are in closed environments, in buildings or homes. There is a syndrome, called SDR (Nature Deficiency Syndrome), which is one of the evils of the new century.

We are increasingly connected to technology and more disconnected from nature.

In this sense, the Well Building Standard has been developed, a standard applicable to “healthy” buildings, based on various disciplines of scientific study.

A protocol that, according to Gärna, presents “a comprehensive approach in which the environment is rethought according to its occupants, transforming the places in which we live, work and learn, into systems aimed at promoting and improving human health and well-being ”, Indicates.

In short, “the environment that surrounds us is inexorably linked to our physical and mental health,” he says.

Gärna explains that the “well” construction standard addresses factors that play a fundamental role in cardiovascular health, reducing stress, improving nutrition, inducing physical exercise and eliminating environmental contaminants.

“The comfort characteristics mitigate stress and allow the body’s hormonal balance to be maintained,” he concludes.

(June 12, 2020, EFE / Reports / PracticaEspañol)

(Automatic translation)

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