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London / The violent and beautiful that are in the works by the Spanish Baroque painter José de Ribera (1591-1652) are explored for the first time in the United Kingdom in a solo exhibition on “El Españoleto”, organized by the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London.

Under the title “Ribera: Art of Violence”, this exhibition – which will be open until January 27, 2019 – aims to “explore the meaning of the artist’s paintings” Edward Payne, curator of the exhibition together with Xavier Bray explained to the media.

“We believe that his paintings are incredibly attractive, however, until today there has been no exhibition about his work, so we consider that an interesting way to approach the painter is through the violence of his works,” he added.

To do this, the organizers set out not only to impact through the painter’s work, but also to generate a favorable environment to provoke a whirlwind of feelings in the visitor.

“The exhibition will make them feel surprise, amazement and admiration (…) In it, the attendees will play an active and central role in the great theater that represent the scenes of human suffering embodied by Ribera,” said Commissioner Payne, expert in Spanish art.

With this objective, the exhibition is divided into five rooms: “Religious violence”, “The skin and the five senses”, “Crime and punishment”, “The tied figure” and “The mythological violence”.

Each of the spaces delves into an aspect of the Spanish painter, who developed his artistic career in Italy; first in Rome and later in Naples.

“Violence was very present in the seventeenth century, but Ribera doesn’t only use paint to show what is happening around him, but it also has a great weight as a way of expression,” Payne added.

Proof of this is the work “Apollo and Marsyas” (1637), loaned by the Capodimonte Museum (Naples) and protagonist of the last of the exhibition halls.

“It’s one of the most outstanding paintings of Ribera, we wanted to give it a special role and we thought it was worth giving it a whole room, so that visitors can contemplate it carefully,” curators said.

Among the works exhibited also include “Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew” (1644), “Saint Sebastian tended by the holy women” (1621) or “Saint Bartholomew” (1612).

Likewise, the paintings are accompanied by sketches and other art samples – theirs and by different artists – that help to better understand the creative thinking of the Spanish painter.

“While it is true that there are biographies about Ribera, we do not know much about his life, so it’s a beautiful challenge to find out more through his paintings,” Payne said.

In this line, the room dedicated to the skin and the five senses brings the viewer closer to the character of Ribera through drawings of different parts of the human anatomy; Representations of ears, mouths and noses show a meticulous artist who paid great attention to detail.

To close the circle of the beautiful and the violent, the exhibition will be accompanied every Sunday by the “Animalis” function, a “powerful theatrical performance that responds to the drama and intensity of the exhibited works”.

The ticket to access “Ribera: The art of violence” will have a price between 16.5 pounds (18.5 euros) and 8 pounds (9 euros), with free access for those under 18 years. (September 27, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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las obras de José de Ribera son expuestas en una exposición dedicada principalmente a este pintor en un museo londinense.
las obras de José de Ribera son expuestas en una muestra que no está dedicada principalmente a este pintor.
las obras de los mejores pintores del Barroco español son expuestas en un museo de Londres.
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Según el texto, la violencia está presente en las obras que se exponen en esta muestra.
Para nada.
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Así es.
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Los organizadores de esta exhibición...
descartan que los visitantes vayan a tener un papel activo cuando contemplen las obras de Ribera.
dudan que estas obras de Ribera llamen la atención de los visitantes.
tienen la intención de que los visitantes no se queden indiferentes cuando contemplen las obras de Ribera.
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Según Payne, este pintor español...
también utilizó la pintura como una forma de expresarse.
se limitó a narrar una historia a través de la pintura.
jamás tuvo la intención de comunicarse y expresarse a través de la pintura.
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Habrá una representación teatral...
todos los domingos para aportar más dramatismo a las obras expuestas.
todos los días para hacer más amena la visita.
el primer domingo de cada mes para transmitir más dramatismo a los visitantes.
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El pintor José de Ribera falleció en el siglo...
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