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Los Angeles (USA) / The forest fire originating in the Mendocino area on July 27 is the most serious in the history of California (USA), after having destroyed 114,850 hectares of land.

The fire, dubbed “Mendocino Complex“, has two seats of fire (Ranch and River) and is 30% contained, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire).

The authorities don’t expect to smother the flames completely until next week.

“We are at the mercy of the wind,” Captain Thanh Nguyen, spokesman for Cal Fire in Lake County, told local media.

“Tragically, this whole area is really dry and it’s very difficult to extinguish the flames,” he added.

The fire “spreads extremely quickly, is extremely aggressive and is extremely dangerous,” said Cal Fire deputy director Scott McLean.

“Look at how big it’s been in just a few days,” he added. How fast it has risen in the ranking of the most serious fires. That does not happen. It just doesn’t happen.”

For now, it has destroyed 143 buildings and threatens to take away another 9,300 structures.

A total of 432 fire engines, 15 helicopters and about 4,000 agents fight the flames.

According to experts, years of drought have created the ideal conditions for large-scale forest fires to spread at a faster rate.

Of the five largest forest fires in the history of the state, four have occurred since 2012.

In the last two days, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, has expressed his ideas on Twitter on how to fight fire.

The president has opined the governor of California, Jerry Brown, “should allow a free flow of the vast amounts of water that comes from the north and that is stupidly diverted to the Pacific Ocean.”

Currently there are 18 live fires in California, which, in total, have razed some 230,000 hectares.

The fire “Carr”, near the town of Redding, has claimed the lives of seven people and destroyed more than 1,000 homes.

Meteorologists have issued emergency warnings for the high temperatures that will be living in Los Angeles County, where they will exceed 42 degrees this week in areas such as Woodland Hills. (August 7, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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del peor incendio que se ha registrado hasta la fecha en California.
de unos incendios que se han declarado en varios países de América del Norte.
de todos los incendios que se han declarado en EE.UU. en lo que va de año.
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Según la noticia, el incendio en Mendocino...
se originó a finales del mes pasado.
se originó hace un par de meses.
se originó a primeros del mes de julio.
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Según el texto, las autoridades...  
confirman que los bomberos acaban de apagar este incendio.
creen que podrán apagar este incendio en esta semana.
prevén que este incendio estará apagado dentro de una semana.
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En el texto se dice que el viento...    
está dificultando las tareas de extinción del incendio.
está ayudando notablemente en las tareas de extinción del incendio.
no supone un problema para las personas que están tratando de apagar el incendio.
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La falta de agua en la zona...  
favorece la rápida propagación del incendio.
está evitando que el incendio se propague rápidamente.
no está relacionada con la rapidez con la que se propaga en incendio.
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Es mentira.
Es verdad.
No se sabe.
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