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Felipe VI today reaches half a century of life with the particularity of being the youngest sovereign in Europe among the ten countries on the continent where the monarchy is implanted, far from the 91 years that Queen Elizabeth II is, the most veteran of everybody.

King William of Holland is the same age as Mr. Felipe, but he is a few months older because he will be 51 years old on April 27.

Both agreed to the throne at the age of 46, although the head of the State in the Netherlands did it with this age just fulfilled – April 30, 2013 – while Felipe VI was proclaimed when he was a few months older.

King William celebrated his 50th anniversary last year by bringing together many members of royal families from other countries, including Mr. Felipe and Mrs. Letizia.

The third youngest European sovereign is King Philip of Belgium, who will be 58 in April.

After the abdication of his father, King Albert II in July 2013, he relieved him at the head of the head of state.

Prince Albert of Monaco, who will celebrate his 60th anniversary in March after taking the throne since 2005 after the death of his father, Rainier, and Grand Duke Henry of Luxembourg, 62, are bit older than those.

In the case of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Liechtenstein, their monarchs are all over the age of 70, which means that their respective heirs to the Crown are in the generational group of Felipe VI.

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, on the throne since 1973, will be 72 years old in April and his first-born, Princess Victoria, reached 40 last July at a time of remarkable popularity to be perceived as a guarantor for the future of the monarchy in the Nordic country.

In Denmark, Queen Margaret II, who has been in charge of the crown since 1972, will celebrate her 78th anniversary in April, without intending, for now, to abdicate in favour of her eldest son, Frederick of Denmark.

The Danish crown prince is the same age as Felipe VI, although he will be 50 in May.

Prince Haakon of Norway – in July he will be 45 years old – is a bit younger. He is first in the line of succession of his father, King Harald, who will celebrate his 81st anniversary in February.

Haakon will be the next head of state because when he was proclaimed heir still governed the legal prevalence of the man, so he took the witness of his older sister, Princess Marta Luisa, 46.

In Liechtenstein, where there is no king but the constitutional monarchy rules, Prince Hans Adam II is 72 years old and his son is the same age as Felipe VI, although a few months younger.

In the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II  is in the opposite pole of Felipe de Borbón. She’s the most veteran because she will be 92 in April, of which almost 66 have been on the throne.

His eldest son, Charles of England, who in November will be 70 years old, is the eternal heir since he took the title of Prince of Wales in 1969.

Second in the line of succession is his eldest son, Prince William, who will be 36 in June and this, apart from his brother Harry (33), already has a substitute in the bedroom, as is his 4-years-old-son George – Elizabeth’s great-grandson II-.

Among the monarchies in the rest of the world, Felipe VI is among the youngest, but others are ahead of him, as is the case of the Emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad al-Zani, 37, or the king from Malaysia, Muhammad V, with 48. (January 30, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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La noticia habla…
solo de la monarquía española.
de las edades de los reyes de las monarquías europeas.
solo de los reyes más longevos de las monarquías europeas.
Question 2
En el texto se dice que Felipe VI…
es el rey más mayor de toda Europa.
es el rey más joven del mundo.
es el rey más joven en relación con otros reyes de Europa.
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¿Cuántos años cumple el rey Felipe VI este año?
50 años.
40 años.
60 años.
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En el texto se dice que…
el rey Guillermo de Holanda nació el mismo día que Felipe VI.
el rey Guillermo de Holanda acaba de cumplir 50 años.
el rey Guillermo de Holanda es un poco más mayor que Felipe VI.
Question 5
Los Reyes de España asistieron a la celebración del cumpleaños del rey Guillermo de Holanda.
Es mentira.
No se sabe.
Es verdad.
Question 6
Según el texto, el rey Felipe de Bélgica…
tiene la misma edad que el rey Guillermo de Holanda.
es más mayor que el rey Felipe VI y el rey Guillermo de Holanda.
es un poco más joven que el rey Felipe VI.
Question 7
El príncipe Alberto de Mónaco…
tiene la misma edad que el rey Felipe VI.
nació un par de años antes que el rey Felipe VI.
tiene 10 años más que el rey Felipe VI.
Question 8
Según el texto…
Isabel II es la reina más mayor de Europa.
hay un rey en Europa que es más mayor que la reina Isabel II.
la reina Isabel no es la reina más longeva de Europa.
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