¿Qué dijo el dramaturgo Juan Mayorga en su discurso de ingreso en la RAE?
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“There are human voice and voice of their silence among sounds of the world” (Juan Mayorga)

Words of the author Juan Mayorga (Madrid, 1965) in the entrance speech to occupy the “M” armchair of the Royal Academy of the Language (RAE): “There are human voice and voice of their silence among sounds of the world”.


Juan Mayorga occupies the “M” chair, vacant since the death of Carlos Bousoño, on October 24, 2015.

In the biography that shows the web of the RAE, it is indicated that Mayorga has been professor of Mathematics in university centres and institutes of secondary education in Madrid and in Alcala de Henares, as well as professor of Dramaturgy and of Philosophy in the Real School Superior of Dramatic Art of Madrid and director of the seminar «Memory and thought in contemporary theatre» at the Institute of Philosophy of the CSIC.

Juan Mayorga graduated in Philosophy at the National University of Distance Education (UNED) and in Mathematics at the Autonomous University of Madrid in 1988. Ten years later, he received his doctorate at the UNED with the thesis Filosofía de la historia de Walter Benjamin.

He is currently director of the Chair of Performing Arts and director of the Master in Theatre Creation in the Carlos III University of Madrid.

RAE emphasizes that his extensive theatrical work, including Himmelweg, The Boy in the Last Row, Nocturnall creatures, Hamelin, Love letters to Stalin and Perpetual peace has been translated into more than thirty languages.

He has received, among others, the following awards: Europe New Theatrical Realities (2016), National Theatre (2007), National Literature Dramatic (2013), Teresa de Avila National Arts Award (2016), Valle-Inclan (2009), Ceres (2013), La Barraca to Performing Arts (2013), Critical Eye of National Radio (2000) and Max for the best author (2006, 2008 and 2009) and for the best adaptation (2008 and 2013).

In his speech to the RAE, the playwright claimed the importance of silence: “silence is necessary, of course, for a fundamental act of humanity: to listen to the words of others. Also to say their own “, reports EFE.

And he also said:

“I’m not a language scientist; I am more of a pickpocket and a ragman and a cobbler. I walk on the lookout for words that, punctured in the square or in the subway, maybe deserve one night, sewn on others, get on stage.”

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Si hay 'silencio'... (If there is 'silencio'...)  
hay mucho ruido.
no se oyen sonidos.
oyes muchos sonidos diferentes.
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'Hay' es... ('Hay' is...)  
un adverbio de lugar.
una forma impersonal del verbo 'haber'.
una forma del imperativo del verbo 'haber'.
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En la palabra de autor, cuando se dice 'el de la voz humana' se refiere... (In the word of author, 'el de la voz humana' refers to...)  
al sonido de la voz del ser humano.
a todos los sonidos que oyen las personas.
al mundo en general.
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Escuchando esta palabra de autor entendemos que... (Listening to this word of author, we understand that...)  
solo se oye el sonido de la voz humana en el mundo.
no hay sonidos.
la voz del ser humano forma parte de los sonidos del mundo.
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En el contexto de esta palabra de autor, 'entre' es... (In the context of this word of author, 'entre' is...)  
una forma del presente del indicativo del verbo entrar.
una forma del imperativo del verbo entrar.
una preposición.
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