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The Spanish language will maintain its growth and there will be 754 million Spanish-speakers in 2050, 7.8 of the world’s population.


At present, almost 567 million people speak Spanish, either as a native, second or foreign language, and Spanish is the second language of international communication, after English.

The first “encyclopaedia” of Spanish in the world amounted to reached 14 million students of this language in 2006, which rose to 21 million, seven million people more, ten years after when the last yearbook was presented.

These are some of the figures from the yearbook “Spanish in the world 2016” that Instituto Cervantes presented at its headquarters in Madrid.

The report by David Fernández Vítores, from the University of Alcalá, predicts that the growth of the Spanish-speaking community will maitein its growth in 2050 to 7.8 of the world’s population, the same as today.

But unlike English, which currently has more non-native than native speakers, the non-native Spanish-speaking community represents only a fifth, with 95 million, according to this expert.

The yearbook was presented at an event attended by all directors from Instituto Cervantes of the last 25 years, which coincided in highlighting how the continuity in their work has been one of the keys to the success of this organization, created in 1991.

Madrid, December 21, 2016, EFE/Practica Español

Grammar notes: future tense, present of the subjunctive mood

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Question 1
La noticia habla de...
El número de personas que habla español en el mundo.
Un estudio sobre las instituciones que promueven la enseñanza del español.
Los idiomas más hablados del mundo.
Question 2
En el texto se dice que...
El Gobierno de España ha publicado un informe sobre el idioma español.
El Ministerio de Educación y Cultura ha realizado un estudio sobre el idioma español.
El Instituto Cervantes ha elaborado un documento sobre el idioma español.
Question 3
Según ese documento...
El español será el idioma más hablado en 2050.
Cada vez menos personas están hablando español en el mundo.
Va a aumentar el número de personas que hablan español en todo el mundo.
Question 4
Según el texto, la mayoría de las personas que hablan español...
Tienen como lengua materna este idioma.
Son personas que no nacieron en países hispanohablantes.
Son personas que son bilingües.
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