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This is how things are in the US while the count continues: Trump says he has won and Biden says he hopes to win

The tight electoral results of the presidential elections in the United States and the vote-by-mail count are already a matter of contention between the two candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, and are on their way to court.

Around 2:30 (6:30 GMT) in the morning of Wednesday, Donald Trump proclaimed himself the winner of the elections and announced his intention to report an alleged “fraud” against him to the Supreme Court, on account of the vote by mail that, at the close of polling stations, at that time it was still in the key states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Trump’s remarks came from the election party organized at the White House for about 150 guests and after the announcement from Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin that they needed more hours and even more days to count all the votes, due in part to the increase in volume. voting by mail in the wake of the pandemic.

This is a fraud for the American people. It is a shame for our country. We are prepared to win the elections; frankly, we have won the election. Now what we will do is ensure integrity for the good of this country. It is a very important moment. It is a huge fraud for our nation. We will go to the Supreme Court. We want the voting to stop. We don’t want you to find any votes and add them to the lists at 4 in the morning. It is a very sad moment. We’re going to win this, and as far as I’m concerned, we’ve already won, ”Trump said.

The Trump campaign had already questioned the procedures established in Pennsylvania, where mail-in votes will be valid within three days of voting day, Tuesday, November 3, as long as the postmark confirms that they have been sent within the legal deadline.

Joe biden

Before Trump’s proclamation, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, outside the Chase Center in Wilmington (Delaware), asked his supporters to “keep the faith” and pointed out that he was “optimistic” and hoped to win Wisconsin and Michigan. Biden, he added, that it could “take time” to declare victory, especially, he explained, “because of the delays in Pennsylvania.”

And, a little later, after hearing the declaration of President Donald Trump at 2:30, the campaign of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, issued a harsh and forceful statement and accused his rival of trying to “invalidate” the votes of millions of Americans with your allegations of fraud.

The statement issued by Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon served to announce that Democrats are prepared for litigation.

“The president’s statement tonight, attempting to stop the counting of properly cast votes, has been outrageous, unprecedented, and incorrect” and a “flagrant attempt to strip democratic rights of American citizens,” the note noted.

“The count will not stop. It will continue until all votes duly cast have been counted, ”the statement added.

Meanwhile, in the absence of any results or projections from the media in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Alaska, Biden adds at least 236 delegates in the Electoral College, compared to the 213 that Trump has accumulated, in the common goal of reaching the 270 that give the victory.

Election day was characterized by a large influx of voters, in a country battered and in pain by the covid-19 pandemic. The United States is the most affected country in the world, with 9.3 million infections and 232,553 deaths, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University. (November 4, 2020 EFE / PracticaEspañol)

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