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Thousands sleep in the open after Moria refugee camp fires in Greece

Athens / Thousands of people spent the night in the open in the surroundings of the devastated Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, waiting to be transferred to new shelters or to the three ships that will host the most vulnerable.

The roads that surround the camp, in which 13,000 people lived until Wednesday in a space designed for fewer than 3,000, are full of families who with what little they have left settled on the street or in the areas of the olive grove around the camp unaffected by a huge fire Tuesday night.

Those who had stayed in the camp because their shelters had been spared in the fire, ran to escape two more blazes on Wednesday afternoon and ended up with the thousands of people who had lost everything the night before.

According to local media, the police forces that cordoned off the surroundings of the camp to prevent migrants moving to the capital, Mytilene, used tear gas during the night to repel people trying to leave the area.

At night the three ships arrived – a commercial ferry and two Navy vessels – which will temporarily house around 1,000 people belonging to the most vulnerable groups.

People are expected to start boarding throughout the day, although experience shows that this process is long.

Last March, the Greek government, in a bid to decongest the overcrowded camp that at that time had about 20,000 inhabitants, boarded 400 people onto a Navy ship that later transported them to other camps in the north of the country. The operation lasted days.

The government said Wednesday that in the original fire that destroyed 80 percent of the internal compound of Moria, some 3,500 people were left homeless. The rest lived in tents in the olive grove that surrounds it.

The camp had been under quarantine for a week after the appearance of a first case of COVID-19 in a Somali asylum seeker and the subsequent detection of infection in 35 more people.

The first fire broke out after the authorities placed the camp under quarantine, a circumstance that the government considers proof that it was intentional.

According to Migration Minister Notis Mitarakis, so far the authorities have only found eight of the 35. The rest are apparently mixed among the rest of the population that fled the camp. (September 10, 2020, EFE/PracticaEspañol)

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un refugiado que dio positivo en una prueba de diagnóstico de COVID-19.
un enfrentamiento que hubo en una isla de Grecia.
la situación en la que se encuentran miles de personas en un campo de refugiados de Grecia.
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En el texto se dice que...  
miles de personas durmieron en la intemperie ya que unos incendios destruyeron el campo de refugiados en el que estaban.
unos incendios que se registraron en el campo de refugiados de Moira no afectaron para nada a las personas que ahí estaban.
se desmiente que miles de personas durmieran a la intemperie a causa de unos incendios que se produjeron en un campo de refugiados.
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Según el texto...  
ese campo de refugiados estaba en cuarentena ya que se detectó un caso de COVID-19.
todas las personas que estaban en el campo de refugiados de Moria acaban de ser trasladadas a la capital de Grecia.
esos incendios apenas han  devastado el campo de refugiados de Moria.
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En ningún momento el Gobierno griego pensó que el incendio fue provocado.    
No se sabe.
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apenas había personas en el campo de refugiados de Moria.
en ningún momento el campo de refugiados de Moria ha estado saturado.
el campo de refugiados de Moria estaba "abarrotado" de gente.
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alguien vive en malas condiciones.
alguien ya no vive en malas condiciones.
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muchas personas caminan con sus posesiones por una carretera.
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