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Tomás Pueyo (the key)

The voice in Spanish of Tomás Pueyo, engineer and vice president of Course Hero, a company that manages online resources for students in Silicon Valley, speaking of the “key” to understand how the coronavirus pandemic is spreading in the world.

“With the coronavirus I started analyzing data and putting it on Facebook for my friends, and I saw that they had quite a few reactions. One day a friend asked me to put it up to send it to friends in Paris to close their businesses. I thought it would have 10,000 visits, but you cannot imagine that it will have 50 million ”, explains Pueyo, born in Nantes (France) and raised in Madrid, in a video interview with EFE.

Faced with the growing threat of the coronavirus and its expansion to Europe and America, the article with the title of “The hammer and the dance” became viral and was used as a reference by economists, politicians and experts in public health.

The idea is simple: first flatten the peak of contagion with measures of social distancing, massive tests and contact tracing (the hammer) and then control the evolution according to risk (the dance).

The result of the article’s success was a shower of contacts to advise countries and governments.

As a recipe, it presents a basic element that has shown its effectiveness in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong and helps control while the number of tests increases and the trail of contacts is refined: “Public transport without masks, that seems to me a suicide ”

1.- Listen to the MP3 (April 13, 2020):


2.- Complete the text while listening to the audio:

“Toda clave _______ _______ en ______ la información correcta. Ese ____ el… ______ ______ del trabajo y el _______ ______ ____ ________ de una manera consistente y que ______ fácil de ______.”

3.- Read the translation of the audio transcription:

“Every key is first to have the correct information. That’s the… two-thirds of the job and the last third is putting it in a way that’s consistent and easy to digest. ”


EFE / PracticaEspañol


(Automatic translation)


Escucha el MP3 y responde estas preguntas

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Question 1
En el MP3, Pueyo...
afirma que no recuerda cuál es la clave.
explica cuál es la clave.
está pidiendo una clave a alguien.
Question 2
Escuchando el MP3 entendemos que...
no es importante que la información que tengamos no sea correcta.
la obtención de la información correcta es muy importante.
apenas tendremos que dedicar mucho tiempo a la obtención de la información correcta.
Question 3
Según el MP3, lo primero que hay que hacer es...
ordenar las ideas y comprender esa información.
obtener la información correcta.
explicar de forma sencilla esa información.
Question 4
Escuchando el tono de voz de Pueyo entendemos que...
está explicando algo.
está dando una orden.
está preguntando algo a alguien.
Question 5
"2/3" se lee...
"dos tercios".
"segundo y tercero".
"dos y tres".
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