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Washington /The president of the United States, Donald Trump, presented his new national security strategy, in which he pretends to prioritize the interests of the country before the world and in which he recognizes that powers such as Russia and China have emerged as “rival powers” which may pose potential threats.

In a speech offered at the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington, the president acknowledged the new challenges facing the United States during the presentation of its national security strategy, a document that his team has taken “almost a year” to prepare it, but to pretend to integrate “every aspect of the American strength”.

Trump insisted that, first, “the mistakes of the past” must be recognized to establish US in its place it proper place, and he emphasized the need to “create borders”, “protect the country” and include an international economic plan that also defends its interests.

“You spoke loud and clear,” he said. “On November 8, they voted to make the United States great again, they accepted new leadership and new strategies, and also a new and glorious hope,” the president said, marking a point turning with his victory for the American future.

The National Security Strategy ordered by Congress presents China and Russia as its top competitors, who seek to redraw global power for their interests, potentially threatening the United States.

But Trump intends to face these threats, understanding also the needs of collaboration with Moscow and Beijing.

Regarding the influential capacity of the two powers and other international actors, Trump said that the United States “will develop new ways of confronting those who use the new domains, such as cyberspace and social networks, to attack” the country and its society.

But the president insisted on making the United States a nation more aware of itself, with special alert to the entry of foreigners, immigrants and borders.

Trump also insisted that “a nation without borders is not a nation”, “a nation that does not protect prosperity in the country can not protect its interests abroad” and “a nation that is not prepared to win a war is a nation that is not capable of preventing a war.”

From Washington to EFE Agency, Raquel Godos. (December 19, 2017, EFE/Practica Español)

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Question 1
En la noticia se dice que…
una nueva estrategia de seguridad nacional ha sido presentado por el propio presidente de EE.UU.
todavía no se ha terminado de elaborar la nueva estrategia de seguridad nacional de Trump.
se prevé que el presidente de EE.UU. presente dentro de poco su nueva estrategia de seguridad.
Question 2
Según el texto…
Estados Unidos reconoce que China y Rusia podrían ser en breve grandes rivales de EE.UU.
China y Rusia no suponen ningún tipo amenaza para Estados Unidos.
tanto China como Rusia son considerados como grandes rivales para EE.UU.
Question 3
En esa presentación, Trump defendió un modelo…
en el que se considera innecesario incrementar la protección de las fronteras.
en el que los intereses nacionales son prioritarios.
en el que se tienen en cuenta los intereses del resto de naciones.
Question 4
En esa nueva estrategia de seguridad nacional…
no se tendrá muy en cuenta la migración y la seguridad en las fronteras.
debe haber un gran control sobre la inmigración y las fronteras.
no se menciona nada sobre la seguridad de las fronteras.
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