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Trump insists November presidential elections are rigged

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has insisted that the Nov. 8 elections in which he will face Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton are rigged in favor of the former first lady.

The real estate magnate on Monday traveled to Wisconsin, a state he is unlikely to win as it has voted for the Democrats in every election since 1988, but highly symbolic as he is currently feuding with current Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan, a native of that state.

Trump roused thousands of people during his Green Bay rally into chants of “Paul Ryan sucks” and focused his speech on his allegations of election rigging, which he has insisted on for several weeks without presenting evidence.

The Republican candidate claimed that about 1.8 million deceased people are registered to vote in the presidential elections.

“Well, if they are going to vote for me we will think about it, right? But I have a feeling they aren’t going to vote for me,” he joked, suggesting they would vote for “someone else”, referring to Clinton.

Trump also said that 2.75 million people are registered to vote in more than one state, as well as 10 percent of undocumented immigrants.

“Non-citizens tend to favor Democrats, to put it mildly. Obama won more than 80 percent of the votes of non-citizens in the 2008 sample,” Trump said, claiming that U.S. President Barack Obama won North Carolina in 2008 by about 14,000 votes due to undocumented immigrants.

Without quoting him, Trump then referred to Ryan – the highest ranking conservative leader – and other senior Republican figures who have criticized him for insinuating that the elections may be rigged.



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