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Washington /  After sowing uncertainty by threatening to veto federal budgets approved late last night by Congress, US President Donald Trump, finally signed the law of funds despite confessing that he is “unhappy” with the result.

Hours after his threat, in an impromptu intervention before the media, the billionaire insisted that the approval of federal funding for the remainder of 2018 was, in his opinion, a “ridiculous” process, but decided to sign the law for the good of the country and its military corps.

“I say to Congress I will never sign another bill like this again,” the president said after expressing his dissatisfaction over the lack of funds for the wall with Mexico and the impossibility of finding a solution for undocumented youth who arrived in the country. of children, known as “dreamers”.

Trump stressed that he has been “impossible” to read the more than 2,000 pages of the law, but he conceded that the budget contains the largest increase in investment for the armed forces in recent years, and reiterated that protect the US. It is “his biggest responsibility”.

“I have been thinking seriously about the veto, he confessed, but due to the incredible advances for our military, I have decided to sign it.”

The tycoon once again blamed the Democrats for not reaching an agreement on the future of the “dreamers”, even though it was he who ordered the end of the program that protected them from deportation (known as DACA).

Trump rejected several bipartisan proposals for months to endow the “dreamers” with a definitive solution, because they did not contain enough money for their wall with Mexico or because family reunification was not punished enough.

The accounts of 1.3 trillion dollars, agreed between the republican dome and the democrat, establish funds for the Government until the end of September, when the fiscal year 2018 ends.

Of that amount, 700 billion are destined to the Pentagon and 591 billion to the rest of the Government, which represents an increase of some 80billion dollars in Defense expenditures compared to the previous fiscal year, and 63 billion for the rest of the items.

The budget includes 1,6 billion dollars for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, but with very restrictive conditions and far from adding the 25 billion that the president had requested to the Legislative. (March 24, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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Question 1
En el texto se dice que…
aún no han sido aprobados los presupuestos federales en EE.UU.
el presidente Trump se niega a firmar una vez más unos presupuestos federales.
los presupuestos federales han sido aprobados por el presidente de EE.UU.
Question 2
Sobre los presupuestos se dice que…
hubo incertidumbre ante la posibilidad de que fueran vetados por Trump.
Trump nunca dijo que los vetaría si no estaba de acuerdo con ellos.
el presidente los vetaría para evitar que se financie la construcción del muro.
Question 3
Trump expresó…
estar totalmente de acuerdo con estos presupuestos.
su disconformidad con estos presupuestos.
su alegría por haber conseguido aprobar estos presupuestos.
Question 4
Sobre los soñadores, el presidente estadounidense…
negó que los demócratas hayan impedido que se alcance un acuerdo.
echó la culpa a los demócratas de que no se haya llegado a un acuerdo.
anunció que ya ha logrado un acuerdo con los demócratas.
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Según el texto, la mayoría del presupuesto…
no estará destinado al Ejército.
irá destinado a la construcción del muro.
va destinado al Pentágono.
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