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Two former heads of Government, Jose Maria Aznar and Felipe Gonzalez, present in Madrid two books

"The compromise in power " and " In search of answers . Leadership in times of crisis, " the former presidents of the Government of Spain, Jose María Aznar and Felipe González, break into Spanish book market and on the same day, while statement of authors do it in the political debate

With ” In search of answers . Leadership in Times of Crisis” , socialist former president Felipe González reflects on the leadership in these times of disaffection toward politics, and with “The compromise in power,” popular former president José María Aznar present second installment of his memoirs and reveals that two days after the attacks of 11 -M , a report by the National Intelligence Center (CNI ) still doubted his authorship.

Gonzalez : “Rubalcaba has a leadership crisis”

A day before the start of the PSOE political conference , which he was leader for twenty years , has referred to the current leadership of the socialist leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba and he said: it is ” the best political head of Spain ” but ” has a leadership crisis”, as indicated by the political polls.
At that same meeting, he ruled out his return to active politics , although is ” available to help in any way possible , prime minister included,” Mariano Rajoy, ” whether or not agree with him ” to seek solutions cases in it he plays as the territorial tensions .
With everything, crisis of leadership that Gonzalez sees in Rubalcaba not is transferred it to the present Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, on which he has said that ” there is no crisis of leadership, because there never was leadership.”

Aznar : ” I do no ask Rajoy be sympathetic, ask guess right “

Entrevistado by Antena 3 , José María Aznar , has said it is ” quieter ” when listening to the president of the Executive, Mariano Rajoy, said that “the unity of Spain is not negotiable, that is not going to open a process of constitutional reform, that when he says “today rain a lot.”

Asked by journalist Susana Griso , by the attacks of 11 March 2004, and that in his book relates as harder day of your life, Aznar has said that were a facts ” very planned , devised by a privileged mind and absolutely diabolical” that was” very close ” and that knew “very well the policy” of Spain.
In reference to the reforms made by the government, Aznar has said do it ” a very good labor reform , which will have positive consequences in Spain “, also ” very important financial reform ” and others that are “in the good direction , “but he qualified that remains of the ” public sector ” because Spain has” some problems of very large in public administrations”.

Grammar notes: review of the Spanish prefixes, relative sentences: indicative and subjunctive

(Note: we underline in bold an example of the point of grammar)
Madrid, November 7, EFE / Practice Spanish

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