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New York / UNICEF stressed that 25 million child marriages were avoided last year around the world, but warned that more than 150 million girls are at risk of being subjected to this practice before 2030 if progress is not accelerated in some regions.

In a statement released today, Unicef highlighted the “significant reductions” in this problem, which still affects 12 million girls a year and has been reduced by 15% in the last decade.

“Given the strong impact that child marriage can produce in the life of a girl, we receive any reduction as good news, but we still have a long way to go,” UNICEF’s chief gender adviser, Anju Malhotra warned.

The biggest drop in child marriage statistics was reached in South Asia in the last decade, where, according to UNICEF, “the risk of a girl marrying before 18 years old has been reduced by more than a third, almost 50% to 30%.”

Unicef attributes this result to progress in India, especially with regard to the rebound in the statistics of girls receiving education, government investments in adolescents and the messages spread about the illegality of child marriage.

On the contrary, in Sub-Saharan Africa the situation has worsened. “Almost one in three” of the girls who have been married more recently come from there, “compared to what happened 10 years ago, when it was only one in five,” warned this organization.

However, in the African continent the case of Ethiopia stands out, which went from being among the five countries with the highest rate of child marriage in sub-Saharan Africa to a one-third decrease in the prevalence of these unions in the last 10 years.

“For every child marriage that is avoided, a girl is offered the opportunity to develop her potential,” Malhotra added, and invited “to redouble efforts collectively in order to prevent this horrible practice from depriving millions of children of their childhood. of girls “.

Unicef ​​estimates that currently some 650 million women living in the world were married as girls.

In this context, he points out that in order to eliminate this practice before 2030 “it is necessary to accelerate the progress considerably”. (March 6, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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ha aumentado la cifra de niñas que se casan en todo el mundo.
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destaca que se ha reducido notablemente el número de niñas que se casan en la India.
afirma que cada vez hay más niñas que se casan en la India.
considera que la situación de las niñas ha empeorado en la India.
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este año se han casado más de 150 millones de niñas en todo el mundo.
más de 100 millones de niñas podrían casarse en los próximos 12 años.
el año pasado se evitó el matrimonio de cientos de millones de niñas en todo el mundo.
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En la zona de África Subsahariana…
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