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U.S. will give more support, including military aid, to Syrian rebels.

U.S. will give “military aid” to Syrian opposition after confirming that the regime of Bashar al Assad has used chemical weapon, including sarin, on a small scale against the rebels.

The U.S. president presidente Barack Obama “has made a decision and will support the regime opposition. That will involve provide direct help to Supreme Military Council (SMC), which means military support”, says Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security Advisor of the White House, in a phone conference with journalists.
“I can’t detail all those types of support due to several reasons, but this will be different as in scale as in effects”, in relation to what we have given to (SMC), emphasized Rhodes.

Related to the using of chemical weapons against the rebels, Rhodes said that the Syrian regimen had crossed “the red lines that have existed with international community for decades”.
El presidente Barack Obama ha tomado la decisión de dar más apoyo a la oposición en Siria
Obama “has declared that this use of chemical weapons will change his stance on how answer to Syria and this is what had happen”, underlined he.

Due to the situation, the American president is considering different political and military options to face the Syrian crisis. Also, he will make the decision after several multilateral consultations at the G8 summit next week in North Ireland, affirmed Rhodes.

Pressuring repeatedly by journalist about the military aid’s effect, Rhodes insisted on not being able to give “an inventory” of that type of aid.

The Washington posture maintains that “reinforce the regime opposition” is the best, said Rhodes. That will end the regime of Al Asad and accelerate the politic transition in Syria.

The new evaluation of Syria situation mostly shows the evidences compiled by France.

The U.S. Government will make any decision about the next steps, according to “our own schedule”, emphasize Rhodes.
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