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United Nations / On Tuesday, USA defended alone the response of Israel to the protests in Gaza during an emergency meeting of the Security Council of the United Nations, in which a majority of countries questioned the Israeli action which on Monday left more than sixty Palestinians dead and others near of 2,500 injured.

Several Member States and the UN itself, in addition, demanded an independent investigation into what happened yesterday and demanded Israel limits the use of force.

The only country that clearly distanced itself from the general feeling of the Security Council was the United States, the great ally of Israel, which blamed exclusively the violence on the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, which controls Gaza, and accused it of using civilians as human shields. to try to carry out attacks.

“Who among us would accept this type of activity on their border? No country in this room would act with more restraint than Israel” US Ambassador Nikki Haley said during the debate.

According to diplomatic sources, USA prevented the Security Council from adopting a statement on the facts, in which an impartial investigation was requested.

US Embassy in Israel

Besides, Haley assured that what happened yesterday has no connection with the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem and accused Iran of being behind “the Hamas terrorists”.

“Those who suggest that the violence in Gaza has something to do with the location of the US embassy they are very wrong” she insisted.

Haley defended that decision of the White House and considered that there can be no peace agreement that does not include Jerusalem (whose eastern half was occupied by the Israelis in the Six Day War in 1967) as Israel’s capital.

“Recognizing this reality makes peace more feasible, not less,” said Haley, who asked the rest of the countries to join the US bid. for a “credible, realistic and lasting peace”.

In response, however, a majority of the members of the Security Council reiterated their opposition to the US movement and insisted that the status of Jerusalem (which in 1980 was unilaterally annexed by Israel) can only be defined in a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians.


Some, like Russia, warned that US “unilateral actions” are having a negative impact on the area and further destabilizing the situation.

In addition, with more or less firmness, almost all criticized the response given by Israel to the protests on the Gaza border and the high number of victims.

Bolivia, for example, requested the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigate “the crimes committed” against the Palestinians during demonstrations in recent weeks.

Others, such as the countries of the European Union, insisted that “the Israeli security forces should refrain from excessive use of force against unarmed civilians.

“The use of lethal force must be exercised with maximum restraint and only as a last resort to protect lives,” said in a joint statement France, UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and Poland.

Kuwait, the Arab representative in the Security Council, announced that it plans to submit a motion for a resolution to offer international protection to Palestinian civilians.

“We want the Council to do something,” said Kuwaiti Ambassador Mansur Al Otaibi, who declined to give details on what kind of mechanism will be proposed, but did advance that it would not be a UN peacekeeping mission.

Israel, for its part, defended that what others call demonstrations are “violent riots” in which they are trying to penetrate Israeli territory to cause damage.

“Hamas has committed war crimes not only against Israeli civilians, but also against their people, turning them into human shields,” said Israeli Ambassador Danny Danon.

“Each victim resulting from the recent violence is a victim of Hamas war crimes,” she insisted. (May 16, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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Question 1
En el texto se dice que Israel...  
no recibió el apoyo de ningún país durante una reunión del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU.
fue apoyado por EE.UU. y por países de la UE en una reunión de la ONU.
solo fue apoyado por EE.UU. en una reunión del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU.
Question 2
Según la noticia...  
EE.UU. es el único país que condenó que Israel hizo un uso inadecuado de la fuerza.
casi todos los países consideraron que Israel actuó adecuadamente en Gaza.
la mayoría de los países no creen que la respuesta de Israel en Gaza fuera proporcionada.
Question 3
Según el texto...  
hubo miles de heridos pero ninguna víctima mortal por la respuesta de Israel en Gaza.
decenas de palestinos perdieron la vida  y otros miles fueron heridos a causa de la actuación israelí.
aún se desconoce una cifra aproximada de las personas que fallecieron el pasado lunes en Gaza.
Question 4
En el texto se dice que Estados Unidos...  
impidió que se abriera una investigación para averiguar qué sucedió en Gaza.
pidió al resto de países que se abra una investigación a Israel por lo sucedido en Gaza.
no hizo nada para evitar que se abriera una investigación a Israel.
Question 5
Según EE.UU., Hamás está detrás de lo que ocurrió en Gaza.  
Para nada.
Así es.
¡Imposible saberlo!
Question 6
piensa que es posible que el traslado de la embajada de EE.UU. a Jerusalén sea la causa de lo sucedido.
reconoce que el traslado de la embajada de EE.UU. a Jerusalén es la causa de lo sucedido.
descarta que el traslado de la embajada de EE.UU. esté relacionado con lo sucedido.
Question 7
Rusia considera que las decisiones que toma EE.UU. en solitario...  
están afectando de forma negativa en la zona.
no afectan ni afectarán en nada en la zona.
están ayudando a reducir la escalada de violencia en la zona.
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