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Vargas Llosa says the independence plot will not destroy the unit of Spain

Barcelona / Nobel Prize Mario Vargas Llosa critized the “nationalist passion”, has called Carles Puigdemont, Oriol Junqueras and Carme Forcadell of “coup”, and has stressed that the “independence plot will not destroy 500 years of history of the unity of Spain nor will it turn it into a “third-world” country.

Vargas Llosa participated today in the demonstration in Barcelona in favor of the unity of Spain and against the independence of Catalonia, a massive protest that moved from the Urquinaona square to the station of France, with Spanish, Catalan and European flags under the slogan “Enough! “Let’s get back to common sense”.

As a final act, several personalities took the floor and the first, after president of Societat Civil, was the Nobel Prize Mario Vargas Llosa, who said that “all modern or backward peoples live in their history at times when reason is swept away by the nationalist passion … that can be destructive and ferocious when fanaticism and racism move it. “

Vargas Llosa recalled that nationalism is “the worst of all passions, which has caused more damage in history (…) the secular religion” that has caused “blood and corpses” in Europe, the world and Spain.

“We are here to stop the ravages of independence … and that is why today thousands of Catalans have taken to the streets, they are democrats who do not believe they are traitors, Catalans who do not consider the adversar an enemy, who believe in democracy , in freedom, in the rule of law, in the constitution, “he said.

The Peruvian writer added: “Here there are thousands of men and women coming from all corners of Spain, even from Peru, to tell the Catalans that they are not alone, that we are with them, that we are going to give together the battle for freedom “.

“Spanish democracy is here to stay and no independence plot will destroy it,” added the writer, who added that “we do not want banks and companies to leave Catalonia, as if it were a medieval city harassed by the plague.”

Vargas Llosa concluded his intervention with the following words:

“We are peaceful citizens who believe in coexistence, in freedom, we are going to demonstrate to those minority separatist that Spain is already a modern country, which has made freedom its own and will not give up before an independence plot that wants to turn it into a third world country. “Viva la libertad, visca Cataluña y viva España “. (8 October 2017, EFE / PracticaEspañol)



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