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Frankfurt (Germany) / Authorized agent, Thomas Steg, was ceased by German Volkswagen automobile consortium, after news reports revealed company subjected monkeys to diesel gas emissions to prove these were not harmful to health.

The German newspapers “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and “Stuttgarter Zeitung” published EUGT (association dissolved in 2017, financed by Volkswagen and Daimler) commissioned an investigation in the USA in which gas was inhaled by monkeys with the purpose of determining effects of the nitrogen dioxide (NO2) on the respiratory system and on the blood circulation.

Thomas Steg has taken full responsibility, while Volkswagen president Matthias Müller apologized last night at a reception with businessmen in Brussels for the experiments with gas emissions and considered that these were “disgusting and anti-ethical”.

Volkswagen President said hours earlier in a statement that they are “investigating in detail” the work carried out by the European Association of Studies on Health and the Environment in Transport (EUGT) to “extract all the necessary consequences.”

Thomas Steg acknowledged that experiments in which monkeys were subjected to diesel emissions to prove these were not so harmful to health “should not have occurred,” according to the statements to “Bild Zeitung.”

On the other hand, he rejected the realization of this type of experiments in humans, something that was also pointed out by the aforementioned German newspapers and in regard to experiments with monkeys, he affirmed that “international scientific standards were respected”.

The authorized agent of Volkswagen considered, however, that “from today’s perspective, the study should not have been carried out, even under different conditions.” (January 31, 2018, EFE/Practica Español)

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una empresa de automóviles ha destituido a su apoderado general.
es posible que un apoderado de una empresa de automóviles pierda su puesto de trabajo.
un apoderado de una empresa de automóviles mantiene su cargo a pesar de lo ocurrido.
Question 2
Según el texto…
unos periódicos alemanes dieron a conocer el experimento que la empresa realizó con monos.
se ha desmentido que la empresa hizo un experimento con monos.
ningún medio de comunicación publicó nada sobre el supuesto experimento con monos.
Question 3
Según la noticia, el objetivo de ese experimento…
era comprobar si la inhalación de gas diésel es mala para la salud.
era demostrar que la inhalación de gas diésel afecta negativamente a la salud.
era comprobar por qué la inhalación de gas diésel es mala para la salud.
Question 4
El propio presidente de Volkswagen apoyó públicamente este experimento.
Para nada.
¡Imposible saberlo!
Así es.
Question 5
En la noticia se dice que…
Thomas Steg piensa que ese experimento era absolutamente necesario.
Thomas Steg reconoce que no se debió realizar ese experimento.
el propio apoderado admite que también se experimentó con personas.
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