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Walfran Campos ( “I call for Justice”)

The voice in Spanish of the Brazilian Walfran Campos, brother of Marcos Campos, murdered along with his wife, Janaina Santos, both 39 years and coming from Brazil, and their two children, 1 and 4 years old, in a house of the town of Pioz (Guadalajara) in August 2016 by Patrick Nogueira, nephew and cousin of the deceased.

Statements made to the media in the middle of the oral hearing with a popular jury that began last Wednesday at the Provincial Court of Guadalajara (Spain).

The oral hearing will continue with the expert evidence, the statement of forensic doctors and the reports that the parties will present to support their conclusions on the psychological state of the accused.

Listen MP3:

Read translation of the transcription:

“(..) It is very well planned and very well oriented by his lawyer and I trust a popular jury which will analyze well according to the summary and with all the witnesses that Patrick wants to answer for the crime he has done and I call for Justice is done with Patrick because my family will not have the opportunity to return to the world but Patrick is fighting to be free.”

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Escucha el MP3 y responde las preguntas. (Listen the audio and answer the questions.)

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Question 1
En el MP3,  las declaraciones de Walfran Campos se refieren...      
al juicio contra Patrick Nogueira.
al fallo de un tribunal de Justicia.
al comienzo de una investigación policial.
Question 2
En el MP3, Walfran...    
confía en que el jurado popular analice todo correctamente.
descarta que haya un jurado popular en este juicio.
se muestra desconfiado por el análisis que pueda realizar el jurado popular.
Question 3
Según el MP3...        
el abogado del acusado lo está orientando todo muy bien.
el acusado admitió haber cometido ese crimen.
Walfran no dijo nada relacionado con la defensa del acusado.
Question 4
Walfran Campos quiere que se haga Justicia.      
¡Imposible saberlo!
En absoluto.
Así es.
Question 5
Según el MP3...      
el jurado ya ha dado un veredicto sobre el crimen que cometió Patrick.
Patrick ya está cumpliendo condena.
Patrick está luchando por su libertad.
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There are 5 questions to complete.

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