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“We are all children of the books we have read” (Rosa Montero)

Words by the Spanish author Rosa Montero (Madrid 1951), journalist and with psychology studies, when she was speaking of her latest novel in Bogota (Colombia) with Agencia EFE: “we are all children of our mothers and our parents, we are all children of the books we have read.”

In her official biography, it states that throughout her life she has done more than 2000 interviews (Ayatollah Khomeini, Yassir Arafat, Olof Palme, Indira Gandhi, Richard Nixon, Julio Cortazar and Malala, among many others) and that her technique as interviewer is studied in journalism universities both in Spain and in Latin America.

It also notes that her articles have been used regularly for decades in high school and appear in the tests of selectivity. They are also used abroad, as evidenced by the award of the AFDE (Association for the Diffusion of L’Espagnol) that she received in 2012 in France for the use of her work in teaching Spanish in the neighbouring country.

Rosa Montero has a broad journalistic and academic curriculum and has published about twenty novels and stories, including: Crónica del desamor, La función DeltaTe trataré como a una reinaAmado Amo, Temblor, Bella y Oscura, La hija del caníbalEl corazón del TártaroLa Loca de la casaHistoria del rey transparenteInstrucciones para salvar el mundoLágrimas en la lluvia, La ridícula idea de no volver a verte, El peso del corazónLa carne  y Los tiempos del odio ( 2018).

She has also published the book of stories Amantes y enemigos, Prize Circle of Critics of Chile (1999), and two biographical essays, Historias de mujeres y Pasiones, as well as stories for children and compilations of interviews and articles.

“The impact of the work of Rosa Montero in the world of international Hispanism is huge. Ten books centered on the author and some sixty collective books that include studies on her have been published. About thirty doctoral theses and more than 120 academic papers. ”

Her books are translated into more than twenty languages ​​and she is Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Puerto Rico.

In 2017, she was awarded the National Literature Prize. Also this year he received the Professional Career Award, granted by the International Press Club and the Manuel Alcántara International Journalism Award, University of Málaga, among the many awards that his work has deserved so far.

The latest novel by Rosa Montero begins with this phrase: ” it is not worth living without love”.

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