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“We live dark times, friends, times of war in many places and a potential war everywhere” (Isabel Allende)

Author’s words: Isabel Allende (Lima, Peru, 942), writer, journalist and creative writing teacher, in statements to the media after receiving the medal of honor of the National Book Award (National Prize of Literature of the USA) in November 2018, for his contribution to the world of American letters: “We live in dark times, friends, wartime in many places and a potential war everywhere” (Isabel Allende).

The Chilean writer, Isabel Allende, was the first writer in the Spanish language to receive this award. Isabel Allende is a Chilean / American national and has written 23 books in Spanish, which have been translated into 42 languages and more than 70 million books sold, as recorded on its website.

Allende, born in Peru and who also lived 13 years in Venezuela after the coup d’état in Chile in 1973, thinks literature is an instrument to not forget human tragedies and, where appropriate, to draw “the lives of other people, especially the strong and passionate women I know everywhere.”

Upon receiving the award and in an emotional speech, in New York, Allende highlighted her situation as a foreigner throughout her life and explained the most of her writings “come from nostalgia, loss and separation” and “from my incurable desire to belong to a place.”

“I look Chilean and I dream, I cook, I make love and I write in Spanish,” said the writer.

Allende warned against nationalism, racism, cruelty and fanaticism in “a time in which values and principles sustain our civilization are being besieged” and said: “We live in dark times, friends, times of war in many places and a potential war everywhere “(Isabel Allende), reports.

These are her books: Cuentos de Eva Luna, El Plan Infinito, Paula, Afrodita, Hija de la Fortuna, Retrato en Sepia, La Ciudad de las Bestias, Mi País Inventado, El Reino del Dragón de Oro, El Zorro, El Bosque de los Pigmeos, Inés del Alma Mía,  La Suma de los Días, La Isla bajo el Mar, El Cuaderno de Maya, El Juego de Ripper  Amor, El Amante Japonés, La Ninfa de Porcelana and Más Allá del Invierno.

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