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What is what in April Fair in Seville

Here is the April Fair in Seville with its horse carriages, lanterns, leaflets and ‘rebujitos’. To enjoy it one hundred percent you also learn what is what in the terminology of the most popular Spanish festivals:


albero  ( limestone yellowish sand / albero / sable jaunâtre)

It is the yellowish sand that is used mainly in the bullrings and in the gardens during the Fair.

alumbrao  (lightning /  iluminação / éclairage)

It is the lighting of lights that indicates the official beginning of the April Fair.

carruaje de caballos (horse-drawn carriage / carruagem de cavalos/ voiture à cheval)

It is a horse carriage that is decorated and used in the Fair for walks.

caseta/s  (fair stand /  barracão /  tente de foire)

It is the place where the fair-goes are and where they meet with friends and relatives to eat, sing and dance. In general, the fair stand owns private individuals, although also there are some that owns public entities.

engalanar  (decorated / enfeitada /  décorée)

It is the action of decorating something.

farolillo/s   (lanterns /  lanternas / lampions)

It is a kind of small ‘lamp’ made of paper or plastic that is used to decorate in parties or in fairs.

feria  (fair / feira / foire)

It is the recreation of a small town, with its fair stands and streets with names of bullfighters.

flamencas (women thar wears flamenco outfits / mulheres vestidas com trajes do flamenco /  femmes qui portent des costumes  de flamenco)

They are the women who wear flamenco dresses.

fuegos artificiales  (fireworks /  fogos de artifício /  feux d’artifice)

These are pyrotechnic devices that are used in public parties.

pasos de la sevillanas (sevillanas steps / passos de sevillanas / pas de sevillanas)

These are the movements done by feet while you are dancing sevillanas.

peineta/s (ornamental comb/ pente convexo para enfeite /peigne ornementale)

It is an ornament that women dressed in flamenco dresses wear on the head.

pescaíto/s frito/s   (fried little fish /  peixe frito / petit poisson frit)

It is the typical food that is eaten during the Fair.

portada de la Feria (fair main gate / porta de entrada da feira /  porte d’entrée de la foire)

It is a structure, made of wood and tubes and covered with thousands of light bulbs, which serves as a meeting point in the Fair.

rebujito/s  (typical drink means of manzanilla and lemonade / bebida típica feita com manzanilla e limonada / boisson typique à base de manzanilla et limonade)

It is a typical Andalusian drink that contains a mixture of camolime wine with lemonade or soda.

recinto ferial  (fairgrounds / recinto de feiras/  enceinte de la foire)

It is the place where the Fair is held.

sevillana/s  (sevillanas / sevillanas/ sevillanas)

These are the women who were born in Seville, although it can also refer to a typical Andalusian dance.

torero/s  ( bullfighter / toureiro / torero)

This is the person whose profession is the art of bullfighting.

traje/s de flamenca  (flamenco outfit /  traje do flamenco /  costume de flamenco)

It is a popular dress that women wear during the Fair.

traje/s de gitana ( gypsy dress / traje de cigano /costume de gitane)

It is another of the names that flamenco dress has.

traje/s de lunares (flamenco outfit with moles / traje do flamenco com pintas /costume de flamenco avec cercles de couleur)

It is a popular costume with circles of stamped colors that women dress during the Fair.

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Question 1
El 'rebujito' es...
El lugar donde los feriantes se reúnen.
Un comida típica de Andalucía.
Una bebida típica de Andalucía.
Question 2
Me bebí un ____ y comí ___.
Albero, rebujito
Pescaíto frito, rebujito
Rebujito, pescaíto frito
Question 3
Esas mujeres bailan ___.
Question 4
Esa mujer vestida de ___ perdió su ___.
Lunares, alumbrao
Flamenca, peineta
Sevillana, albero
Question 5
La Feria de Abril comienza con el ___.
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