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Madrid / The release of “Perfectos desconocidos” by the Spaniard Álex de la Iglesia competes with the release in Spain of “La vida y nada más” by Antonio Méndez Esperza; “Coco”, the Mexican bet of Pixar, and “The killing of a sacred deer”, with Nicole Kidman.

This weekend, in addition, the screens of the Spanish movie theaters will show Julia Roberts in “Wonder” and Mel Gibson in “Dos padres por desigual”, as well as “Destinos”.


To escape the monotony during a meeting of friends, someone proposes an unusual idea: why not do something different and play a game? What would happen if they left their mobile phones on the table, within everyone’s reach? An innocent game or a dangerous proposal? Can the group support such a degree of sincerity?

Álex de la Iglesia premieres the Spanish version of a blockbuster Italian film directed by Paolo Genovese. Ernesto Alterio, Juana Acosta, Eduard Fernandez, Belén Rueda, Eduardo Noriega, Dafne Fernández and Pepón Nieto.


Miguel, a 12-year-old boy who lives on a farm with his family, dreams of being a musician, like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz, but music is banned in his family of shoemakers since his great-great-grandfather left them to go on tour. To fulfill his dream, Miguel embarks on a trip to the colorful Land of the Dead.

Lee Unkrich with Adrián Molina extol family values ​​in this animated tribute to the Mexican Day of the Dead


Auggie, a child born with a facial malformation, after ten years of hospitals, operations and long periods at home, will have to face a great challenge: attend school for the first time. Thanks to the support of his parents, played by Roberts and Wilson, Auggie (Tremblay) will try to fit in between his new classmates and teachers.

Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson and Jacob Tremblay, directed by Stephen Chbosky. Based on the best seller of the New Yorker R. J. Palacios.


Steven (Farrell) is an eminent surgeon married to the ophthalmologist Anna (Kidman). They live happily with their children, Kim and Bob, but when Steven becomes friends with Martin, a sixteen year old orphan boy whom he decides to protect, their lives take a sinister turn: his children contract a disease that he is unable to explain.


Dusty (Marck Wahlberg) and Brad (Will Ferrell) have managed to combine friendship and family, one as a natural father and the other as an adoptive father. But that peace will be altered when the authoritarian and sexist father of Dusty, Kurt (Mel Gibson) and the sensitive and emotional father of Brad, Don (John Lithgow) appear just before the Christmas holidays. It’s directed by Sean Anders.


“Life and nothing more” tells the story of a single mother, Regina, who lives in the north of the state of Florida with two children, in a context of social inequality, trying to make ends meet at the same time as fighting against routine and the difficulties of day to day.

A universal story that Antonio Méndez Esparza signs, starring Andrew Bleechington, Regina Williams, Robert Williams and Ry’nesia Chambers.


The film starts with the meeting between a banker and a small businessman, who drives a taxi to get to the end of the month, when he discovers that the bribe he will have to pay to get a loan has doubled his amount. Desperate he shoots the banker, then takes his life and the event provokes a national debate. Stephan Komandarev heads Ivan Barnev, Georgi Kadurin, Borisleva Stratieva, Anna Komandareva and Vassil Vassilev.


Gaspard Bazin is a filmmaker who prepares his next film and organizes castings, and, on the other hand, Jean Almereyda is a diminished producer and who finds it increasingly difficult to obtain financing to start his business. Between the two is the enigmatic Eurydice, Almereyda’s wife, who wants to be an actress. A film by Jean-Luc Godard, a Franco-Swiss production of 1986 with Jean-Pierre Léaud, Jean-Pierre Mocky, Marie Valera and Caroline Champetier. (December 1, 2017, EFE/Practica Español)

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Lee la noticia y responde las preguntas. (Read and answer the questions)

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Question 1
La noticia trata…
de las películas que serán estrenadas en los cines de España.
del anuncio del estreno de unas películas para el mes que viene.
de las películas más taquilleras en España en lo que va de año.
Question 2
Según el texto, la película de Álex de la Iglesia…
trata de lo que hace normalmente un grupo de amigos.
trata de un grupo de amigos que se pondrán a jugar a un nuevo juego.
trata de la tranquila vida familiar de un grupo de amigos.
Question 3
En la película de Pixar…
el protagonista es el abuelo de un niño al que le gusta la música.
el protagonista es un niño al que le gustaría seguir trabajando en la granja.
el protagonista es un menor de edad al que le gustaría ser músico.
Question 4
En la película ‘Coco’…
toda la familia de Miguel adora la música gracias a lo que hizo un antepasado.
ningún familiar de Miguel estaba interesado en la música.
la familia de Miguel detesta la música por lo que hizo un familiar en el pasado.
Question 5
En ‘Wonders’…
se cuenta la historia de la infancia de una joven que es interpretada por J. Roberts.
se cuenta la historia de un chico que tendrá que ser operado a causa de un accidente.
Julia Roberts es la madre de un niño que fue operado varias veces por una deformación en el rostro.
Question 6
Según el texto, en “El sacrificio de un ciervo sagrado”…
un padre no sabe por qué sus hijos están enfermos.
no hay nada raro en el hecho de que los hijos de Steven hayan enfermado.
un padre logra encontrar la cura para la enfermedad de sus hijos.
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Review grammar notes: verbal periphrases, imperfect of the subjunctive

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