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Madrid / The Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid, Spain) houses the cat “Krazy Kat” and its owner the artist George Herriman (New Orleans, 1880 – Los Angeles, 1944) in its art rooms, with a great retrospective of the complete work which is considered one of the most important figures in the American comic: But what do both have special and who is the cat “Krazy Kat” to stays in one of the ten most visited art museums in Europe?

Probably, not only the graphic facet of Herriman, but also the “apparently simple” content of the comic strip “Krazy Kat”, the comic strip published by newspapers of the time and where no one is what it seems: “The dog hates the mouse and reveres the cat, the mouse despises the cat and hates the dog, and the cat hates no one and loves the mouse “(EE Cummings).

At least it was one of the reasons explained before the Spanish press to justify that for four months, until February 29, 2018, a part of the space of the Madrilenian museum is occupied by 160 works, between original drawings and newspaper pages because “Krazy Kat is Krazy Kat is Krazy Kat “.

No small matter, according to the director of the museum, Manuel Borja-Villel, who referred to the description of the comic strip by the writer EE Cummings, one of the artists who, along with others like Willem de Kooning, TS Eliot or Gertrude Stein, were influenced by the work of the cartoonist.

The “Krazy Kat” strip appeared for the first time in the New York Evening Journal in 1913, set in an idealized Coconino County, Arizona.

The strip focuses on the adventures / misfortunes  of Krazy, a cat of indefinite sex madly loves the mouse Ignatz. But love is not reciprocal, and Ignatz continually throws bricks at his head, a gesture that the cat interprets as acts of love, relationship that lends itself to numerous readings and interpretations.

The comic strip lasted for more than three decades and was published in several American newspapers thanks to tycoon William Randolph Hearst.

“Krazy Kat” is considered one of the masterpieces of the world comic book and when you access one of the great cathedrals of art, the Reina Sofía Museum, makes the qualitative leap for artistic recognition of the comic something long has been pursued, explained the curators of the exhibition, Rafael García and Brian Walker.

The show features a tour of the entire creation of Herriman, the author of the comic strip whose protagonist, an ambiguous cat, Krazy Kat, was considered by the American poet Jack Kerouac as the symbol of the Beat Generation.

“This is the largest exhibition on Herriman to date,” said co-curator Brian Walker but  the Reina Sofía’s retrospective was a great leap forward for the recognition of comic strip art.

Exhibition is structured in a journey that begins in the works prior to “Krazy Kat” (1990-1910) to continue with drawings and pages of this cartoon, from its origins to its settlement and development as an independent strip.

“Herriman left us these creations with which we can learn about humanity and the sense of humor that he had.His time he was known as a draftsman for cartoonists, journalists, poets or writers.After his death he has become an author of cult for authors like Chris Ware, “Walker added on this author followed by artists like Pablo Picasso.

Coinciding with the exhibition dedicated to George Herriman, on December 20 the Museum organizes a conference with comic book artist Art Spiegelman (Stockholm, 1948), creator of “Maus” (1986), who will expose his vision of comics as “a zone of battle in post-literary times, “in which the high culture and the popular” collide with each other with special intensity “(October 21, 2017, EFE / PracticaEspañol).




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El Reina Sofía con George Herriman ensalza la riqueza artística del cómic.
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